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Published 2021

Wiring Layouts compliments of Curtis

My own personal pain of trying to figure these out has prompted the effort to make other people's life easier when dealing with the electrical. When I started this I of course had the selfish motive of helping myself in dealing with this. I knew I would share them at some point but I first just wanted to make it easier to build my own harnesses.

What I have done so far. I have gone over them several times and hopefully have the errors fixed.

If you find any errors please let Curtis know so he can correct them. Simply click on the links to open with Acrobat Reader freely available from Adobe. Good luck!

Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

63-64 Color Schematic

63-64 Rear Circuit

63-64 Dash Circuit

63-64 Engine Circuit

62-67 Circuit Colors

66-67 Fuse Block Circuits

66-67 Park & Tail Light Circuit

67.5 Park & Tail Light Circuit

67.5 Hazard Flasher Circuit

68 Console Circuit

68 Headlight Circuit

68 Park & Tail Light Circuit

69-70 Console Circuit

66-67 Dash Circuit

66-67 Engine Circuit

67.5 Engine Circuit

69-70 Engine Circuit

66-67 Rear Circuit

67.5 Rear Circuit

69-70 Rear Circuit

66-67 Headlight Circuit

69-70 Headlight Circuit

69-70 Park & Tail Light Circuit

69-70 HeadLight Relay Rewire Circuit

Make sure you thank Curtis for providing this valuable resource for us.