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Published 2007 Updated 2019

Wheels for your Datsun Roadster

 I want to include the following for each wheel:
  1. full-view car pictures, side or 3/4, owner's name
  2. close-up of wheel
  3. specs: size x width, offset
  4. tire size/brand if known
  5. suspension if known

Here is a forum thread Alvin did with all of the information on rims for our Datsun Sports. Thanks Alvin.


Panasport Wheels
Aftermarket Wheels
Wheel Studs

Wheel Lugs

(1) By now, many if not most roadsters needing wheel stud replacement have enlarged axle holes slightly larger than the 0.46” standard. A loose fitting stud (even with the flat “key” on the OE studs) can lead to a stud that turns inside the wheel when attempting to loosen a lug – sure to ruin your day! The 0.48” knurled top of the O’Reilly studs P/N (Dorman) 610-1086 fit perfectly if you have this problem.

(2) NAPA wheel nuts P/N (Balkamp) 641-2022 are great replacements for the OE.

(3) A really cost-effective investment is a 7/16”x20 tap, die, and can of “Never-Seez.”

Submitted by John Hayden

Frequently Asked Questions

We only have so much time available for the numerous projects on hand not counting on how life seems to get in the way. The wheel tech section itself is one of those in work projects that life has trampled on. While we wait for the data input person to arrive, you can go here to the first FAQ that was done for some extra visual guidance.

Those that are interested in offset and backspacing will find a good read at RS Racing. http://www.rsracing.com/tech-wheel.html