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How to remove an early dash in 11 easy steps

From a Post by dynaguy 07 Aug 2020 10:16 am

  • Step #1: Learn the art of human origami, practice yoga
  • Step #1a: Make appointment with your massage therapist for tomorrow
  • Step #2: Decide that's it's too much of a hassle to remove seats, center console and steering wheel
  • Step #3: Gather up every tool you think you will need (except for the one you will actually need) and place on floorboard under dash
  • Step #4: Strap on a headlamp (most likely with batteries that will die soon)
  • Step #5: Grab cell phone and keep within arms reach for final step
  • Step #6: Depending on your age group, do at least 15 minutes of stretching exercises
  • Step #7: Using skills learned in Step #1, position yourself "comfortably" under the dash
  • Step #8: Turn on headlamp and very quickly, before batteries crap out on you, determine which tool/tools you forgot in Step #3
  • Step #9: Make numerous failed attempts to unfold your body and exit the Roadster to retrieve said tool in Step #8
  • Step #10: Express yourself with every "mechanics" words you know
  • Step #11: Find cell phone and call significant other, friend or 911 to come and help drag your stuck a$$ out of the car

Works for me every time!!