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Wiring Diagrams

Here you will find roadster wiring diagrams from NISSAN manuals, others that have been touched up, and newly created color diagrams. Hopefully these schematics will assist you and make troubleshooting any electrical problems easier.

The 65-67 was touched up by Aaron Spesard using Adobe Illustrator. Thanks Aaron-great job! He gave me permission to post it. Taylor Hutt touched up the 69-70 wiring diagram and I converted it to an Adobe PDF. I posted the 1500 and 67.5 wiring diagrams. I also just finished the 1968 SRL/SPL and posted it.

If you find any errors please let me or Aaron know so we can correct them. Simply click on your year to open with Acrobat Reader freely available from Adobe. Good luck!

Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

62-63 1500 DATSUN Black & White

63-64 1500 DATSUN Black & White

63-64 Color Schematic

65-67 1600 Red & Black version of DATSUN

66-67 1600 DATSUN Black & White

66-67 1600 Custom Color

67.5 1600/2000 DATSUN Black & White

67.5 1600/2000 Custom Color

68 1600/2000 DATSUN Black & White

68 1600/2000 Color version of DATSUN

68 1600/2000 Custom Color

69-70 1600/2000 Black & White version of DATSUN

69-70 1600/2000 Custom Color