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Custom Wiring Diagrams

1966 SPL 311 Custom Wiring Harness

This custom wiring harness is for the Datsun Sports 1600 SP (L) 311. It is a compilation of new and original electrical components. All new harnesses were modified from their original condition to fit the Roadster. The PDF is in full color with striped wires. Its size is large to accommodate the detail and extra information. The first time I tried to locate some parts on the car was usually an egg hunt, so I placed items on the schematic as close as I could to where they are actually located.

1966 1600 (Revision 3 - January 6, 2011)

For comparison, the following PDF is for the stock 1966 - 1967 SPL 311. It is in full color with striped wires and more detail than the original schematic.

1966-67 1600

19_ _ S_L 311-_ _ _ _ _ Custom Wiring Harness

This is where we would like to see the next owner's custom harness diagram.