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311s Parts Interchangeability

Disclaimer--Although I attempt to be accurate in all of the information I publish please do not blame me if it does not work out. And if you let me know there is an error I will be more than glad to correct it. Use this list at your own discretion.

The following parts interchange with in some cases minor modifications:


  • Front wheel bearings:
Front axle inner - Timkin 30206
Front axle outer - Timkin 30304
A few more choices:
Front axle inner: SKF - BR30206 and Beck Arnley - 051-2451
Front axle outer: SKF - BR30204 and Beck Arnley - 051-2444

Category: Differential Pinion Bearing

  • Differential bearing, part number 30207. This fits Datsun 410 & 411 1299cc 1964 - 1968, Datsun Roadster SPL310 1962 - 1965, and Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1300cc Sprint, Spider, & Ti Sedan (750 & 101 series) 1954 - 1963(Pretty sure it will fit ALL but not 100% sure)
  • Update 05/2018:38120-61000: BEARING-DRIVE PINION, REAR TIMKEN 32307 ; 1.378 Cone Bore; 1.2205 Cone Width; 3.1496 Cup Outer Diam; 0.9843 Cup Width
  • Update 05/2018: 38140-61000: BEARING-DRIVE PINION, FRONT TIMKEN 30306M ; 1.1811 Cone Bore; 0.748 Cone Width; 2.8346 Cup Outer Diam; 0.6299 Cup Width
  • Follow-up, one member reports the bearings I removed from my rear end. Small one: NSK 30306CN Large one: NSK 32307CN
  • Additional follow-up: Front (small) and rear (large) pinion bearings covered, but not the side ones. Searching RockAuto with Nissan P/N 40210-85000, I found: TIMKEN 30208M Wheel Race; 1.5748 Cone Bore; 0.7087 Cone Width; 3.1496 Cup Outer Diam; 0.6299 Cup Width. There's also BECK/ARNLEY 0513079 and SKF BR30208 listed.
  • Rear wheel bearings---6206 is the number that is common to cross referencing. If you can, get them with the rubber side seals (6206RS). They will keep grease in, and oil and dirt out. NSK, Timken, Koyo, etc. at Bearingsdirect.com sold me the ones I got from them.(ALL)
  • Inner seal number, UPDATED, previous information was incorrect. Seal still available from Nissan, is 29 x45 x 7 mm. Correct aftermarket NAPA NOS 11429 or SKF 11429 at 29x45x8mm.
  • Pinion Seal Napa 17782 and National 1979

UPDATE:The OEM 6206 bearing, as ordered by the part number in the service manual has a 32mm bore, so you can't just buy a standard 6206 from the local bearing shop. The bore on it is 30mm. So the above find is not such a direct replacement. Moral of the story the $8.00 off the self 6206 will not replace the OEM 6206 for $50.00 and change. I thought about removing this completely but thought it better to leave for documentation. Thanks go to Geoff for discovering this rather major issue.


  • Cowl drain hose-cut the end that connects to the cowl about 1". PN GOODYEAR M61720 and Kragen/PartsAmerica has it for $11.99. (Low Windshield)
  • Early Z door handles fit the high windshield roadster with minor modifications. (High Windshield All)
  • MG rear deck clips-Moss No. is 470-747.
  • MG rear deck clips-Victoria British No. is 0-184 and it's $4.95. Spacer for same is 12-4807 $1.95.
  • MG Parts---Wiper Pivot Nuts--311-065 Chrome ----Around $3.00 ea. Rubber gskt / Seal 282-820 Around $2.75 ea. Moss Motors 800-235-6954 (I know for a fact these fit a 67.5 as I used them on mine.)
  • Bosch Windshield Wiper Blades WBA 709. Fit all 1968, 1969 and 1970 Datsun 2000 Roadster and 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1965 Fiat 1200 and 1500 Spider models. Also fit 1967, 1968 and 1969 Lancia Fulvia 2C.
  • These ANCO numbers are listed for the wiper assembly for a '70 2000:ANCO - Aerovantage Blade Part No: 91-13, ANCO - Winter Blade, Part No: 30-13, ANCO (ANC) - Wiper Blade Part No: 31-13, And here are the listed refills: ANCO - Aerovantage Refill Part No: 19-13, ANCO - Aerovantage Refill Part No: N13R, ANCO - Anco Type Refill Part No: 11-13, ANCO - Anco Type Refill Part No: 12-13(High Windshield)
  • Also: You guys probably already know this, but I found an off-the-shelf set of wiper blades that fit right on, work great, and look original--Trico Classic 33-111. I'd been cutting up 20" blade parts and stuffing them back into the old wiper blade frames, but these work way better. Wish I'd had these, oh, maybe 29,000 miles ago. :)-Fit All low windshield cars for sure-These do not fit the high windshields-Fish USA Tourist
  • Body Trim- A nice substitute available at local auto shops was discovered by James, It is ProtektoTrim, Part no: 37-830. It is a 5/8 Inch band and comes in a 30" chrome kit. This can be made to closely resemble the Convex trim on later models.
  • Door lock knobs-these fit on a 67.5 with the following modifications. Cut about 1/4" off. Redrill to fit the threaded rod. I am sure they can be made to fit other years as well-HELP section of any parts store part number 75409. Application Ford/Mercury/Tauraus/Sable 1995-89


  • 510 rear brake cylinders- 10 mm metric. Yes, 3/8-24 will thread in, but its not a good plan for brakes. If you are going to do this mod, suggest you make a proper brake line with a 10mm threads.
  • Dual 510 master cylinder but you must use Weather Head PN 1443 adapter that has 10 mm X 1.0 male threads on one end and SAE 3/8-24 female threads on the other end. You can read about it and see some pictures here(high windshield for sure. From a thread: Doing some research because of my own master cylinder issues, I found that the Weatherhead 1443 (found at NAPA) has the following interchange part numbers:
Coronet 302-10
Edelmann/Tomkins 270300 (Amazon)
Everco 3025B
Dorman 43508 (Rockauto)

Update to 510 dual master Fergus says ''"I have found no bolt on fittings (adaptors) needed to use these 510 M/C's. The large (1-1/8" ?) bolt looking things in the bottom of the picture are easily removed, and the "bolts" from the roadster cylinder are same threads. This makes the inputs SAE, so compatible with roadster brake lines. All you have to do is put the M/C in a vise and pad the sides, as the torque is substantial but nothing too crazy."

''*Front brake pads-Aston, Ferrari, Jag 59-61, XKE Series 1, XK150, MK11 59-67; MGA twin-cam 59-60 and various Studebakers including the original Avanti.(All)

  • Early 510 1968-1973 rear brake shoes fit on the roadsters. (All)
  • Rear brake shoes from 1970-76 240Z-280Z--Raybestos Part #411.(This one is questionable as some have had problems getting the right shoes.) (All)
  • NAPA, brake shoes part # TS-359-A (Tru-Stop Remanufactured) (All)
  • NAPA, rear wheel cylinder rebuild kit part # UP1065 - this is for the 3/4" wheel cylinders if yours are not in bad shape and basically only need new rubber parts.
  • 240Z Rear Drums-later style with aluminum drums. Early fitment requires cutting backing plate.
  • 1975 Volvo girling calipers-minor modifications required(All)
  • Rubber brake lines L520 or L521 pickups ranging from 1966 -1972. (BECK/ARNLEY 073-1188) (BENDIX 77002 - Confirmed by installation These hoses are about one inch shorter than Nissan OEM hoses. There does not seem to be a problem with flex range.) (RAYBESTOS BH36737) (AUTO SPECIALTY HB51100)
  • From our friends at Rock Auto it appears the following cars use the same pads if you are looking to cross reference:
  • ALFA ROMEO TZ 1965
  • ASTON MARTIN DB4 (1959 - 1963)
  • AVANTI II (1965 - 1991)
  • FERRARI 250 GT (1959 - 1964)
  • FERRARI 250 GTE (1960 - 1961)
  • FERRARI 250 LM (1963 - 1964)
  • FERRARI 275 GTB (1964 - 1966)
  • FERRARI 275 GTS (1964 - 1966)
  • FERRARI 275 LM (1964 - 1965)
  • FERRARI 330 GT (1965 - 1966)
  • FERRARI 330 GTC 1966
  • FERRARI 330 GTS 1966
  • JAGUAR 2.4 (1956 - 1967)
  • JAGUAR 3.4 (1957 - 1967)
  • JAGUAR 3.8 (1960 - 1966)
  • JAGUAR 340 (1967 - 1969)
  • JAGUAR MARK IX (1959 - 1961)
  • JAGUAR MARK X (1962 - 1964)
  • JAGUAR XK150 (1958 - 1961)
  • JAGUAR XKE (1961 - 1968)
  • LANCIA FLAMINIA (1962 - 1968)
  • LANCIA FLAVIA (1962 - 1969)
  • LANCIA FULVIA (1963 - 1970)
  • MERCEDES-BENZ 300SE (1961 - 1963)
  • MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL (1961 - 1963)
  • MG MGA (1958 - 1962)
  • NISSAN 1500 (1962 - 1965)
  • NISSAN 1600 (1966 - 1970)
  • NISSAN 2000 (1967 - 1970)
  • NISSAN 411 (1966 - 1967)
  • ROVER 2000 (1965 - 1966)
  • TOYOTA CROWN (1967 - 1968)[All]
  • Brakes: Former Unobtainium - Classic Tube has the small ferrule that connects the two halves of the rear brake line at the axle. This part was elusive and prone to disappear immediately upon disassembly. Part number BR9216, you must speak with Cliff, he is the only one there who knows of this part. $6.99 plus shipping minimum $10 order. Buy a few extra in case you ever mess with another car or lose one!


  • ATP Y-885 - Speedometer Cable---I used an aftermarket for my speedometer (66') and it works great. Tach is the same cable, only shorter. Mine is like this one. Looks like it is for 510-720 truck. (66 for sure)


  • Just passing on some surprising to me info: I was able to get an alignment tool from Advance Auto Parts off the shelf. It's a "Clutch-In!"(tm) #14501. 1"x24 splines. Also on the box is Dorman 691-505. It's made by MotorMite, Division of R&B Inc., PO Box 1800 Colmar, PA 18915. $2.95. It was listed in their parts computer, but was in a box that they were about to get rid of.
  • Hey there just redid my clutch and the clutch master and slave both fit from a 76 datsun 620 pickup. Fits my 67.5 roadster(UPDATE:It does not exactly fit. The fitting for the copper tube comes out the top and not the side as in a 68 2000 roadster should. So...you might want to let people know that they need to rerun the fixed tubing for a truck model.Beck/Arney 072-6521 and it is a perfect fit. Not hard to find on the web either.)
  • An Alternate for the competition Roller Bearing to replace the standard Pilot Bushing is available, it is a Torrington Part Numer J-108 and replaces Nissan part number 32202-3000
  • Clutch Slave--It is listed for the 520 and 521 pickup as well as the 1600 and 2000. Listed on EBay, Amazon, Summit Racing, Advance websites. I got one not too long ago from one of the usual sources. Also Autozone as a Duralast part # 10030, with spring hook:
      http://m.autozone.com/autozone-mobile/e ... ?id=735654


  • Fuel pump rebuild kit for "L" series engines fuel pump is suitable for the Roadster pumps. You get a new diaphragm and two new one way valves. The Roadster pump is almost identical to the L series barring perhaps the actuating arm and placement of the fuel inlet/outlet.
  • Chrome fuel cap off a Suzuki GT750 ("Water Buffalo") P/N 44200-23810 also fits '77-'79 GS750 on our '69 2000, and it fits perfectly and looks great. Cost a whopping $20.87, including shipping).Fit our 1969 2 liter perfectly-Jon Hayden.
  • Fuel Sending unit Options - From Rborison -I bought the fuel sending unit for a 240Z - was about $61. Used the old unit as a "template". Bent and cut the arm on the 240Z unit to match the original. It's working great with a savings of about $100! From Curtis: I modified a VW fuel sender unit to work in my car. Total cost, $13 plus shipping and a few minutes work. I tested it on the gauge on the car and it works great. You just have to point it backward instead of forward like the stock one. Same exact bolt circle as Datsun and comes with a new gasket. Note:Actually price has gone up $25.95 as of today-still much cheaper than OEM. Link is here VW Fuel Sender


  • For those that may need them....after the debacle I went through with the coolant leak, I pulled both plugs. Dorman P/N 555-013.1 13/16" steel plug, $1.19 each. Autozone did not have them, but Kragen did. These will fit a 1968 R16 with an aluminum head. grady
  • head bolts cast iron R16--Dorman head bolts for the Ford. The worked perfectly. Part number 675-231. They come in a pack of 5 for $15. Rockauto has them for $1.80 ea. (1600)Sean


  • I found an almost perfect hose for the manifold to heater valve connection. It is 5/8" hose, perfect for the heater core, so you'll need to add a connector and a short piece of 1/2" hose on the engine side. But the curves are perfect. Advanced Auto part #303625 heater hose. Fits an '87-88 Nissan van, '95 Chevy Lumina and a long list of others, so should be easy to find. (67 for sure)
  • Stant radiator cap part number revised March 2016 Stant 10228, 7# cap (Used to be: 11228). Solid cap-no relief button.
  • Part number for a Duralast 180 degree thermostat is #15858. It is suppose to fit the 2000, 1600, 240z, and 510.
  • Stant 13858 offset 180 thermostat. The only possible added benefit of this thermostat is that it has a pressure relief on it.
  • A1 CARDONE 57-1416, 41.99, http://catservices.wrencheadpro.com/SmartPages/partinfo/A1C/571416.jpg A-1 Cardone Reman Water Pump(definitely fits 1969 2 liter)
  • Aftermarket water pump Beck Arnley # 131-0457 recently available from Rock Auto(fits 66-67)
  • Temp sending units that will work, AutoZone: Wells TU62 $8.99, Advance Auto parts: Gp Sorensen 385003 $9.29, Beck/Arnley 2010247 $11.28 NAPA: MPETS6010SB $9.99, ECHTS6010 $15.49. These do not have the screw type wire connector they have a round male connector, they also don't come with the retaining nut so you'll need to use your old one.
  • Coolant hose to underdash heater control valve (the short hose with the sharp bend) - Nissan part # 27183-P6500 trim to fit.
  • L-series, 240Z to '78 goose neck water outlet-aluminum head-2 bolt only! Nissan Part # 11060-U0100 $11.00 (approx.) Local dealer should be able to order.
  • Upper radiator hose-- Part # (D) 70806 CS (UPC 3824470806), Advance Auto Parts. This hose is too long but all you have to do is line it up and cut off the excess. Couple of seconds on the band saw.
  • Radiator drain cock--Drain Cock-HELP! Part #61114, Advance Auto Parts. (UPC 3749561114) any part store should be able to look it up with that number. This is the same section that sells extra door handles ect..
  • Heater control cable-again HELP came through(I need to get the part number as I lost it)Look for what they call a utility cable-looks like a silver choke or throttle cable around $5.99. Pull the cable out of the sleeve. Cut to desired length and bend if needed. Slide new cable right into the old sleeve with little effort. Could be used for all of heater cable replacement. Works like new!!
  • On my 69 2000, Gates 20783 lower hose fits perfectly with drivers side alternator, exact match of every bend to stock except no cloth braid.{69 2 liter}
  • Upper radiator hose is Gates 21171, fits fine{69 2 liter}
  • I have been using a 1989 jeep Cherokee 4.0 Upper radiator hose for the lower hose on my 70 R16 engine for 4 yrs now. I got it at Napa # 8334 (line NBH) $21 at the time. Never any problems but do use the metal holder on the fan shroud to keep it where I want it. It also has all the right curves. Rich K1200GT
  • Here is a hose that will work perfectly for the bypass if you don't have to have OEM for your daily driver. Goodyear 63219. I had to trim 3/4" off both ends for alignment to the nipples on the water pump and "T" on the intake manifold.

Drive Train

  • U-joints, Napco 1052/1-0027 available at Advance auto for $9, NAPA part# UD RL 1460 $8, Precision part #391 $19


  • Contacts part of the ignition switch on the 69-1600-available on EBAY pretty cheap(69-1600)Standard Motor Products PN-US120 (RBMann)
  • H20 forklift gear reduction starter-make sure to get a 9 tooth-available on EBAY pretty cheap(ALL) P/N 23300-K9160
  • Voltage Regulator STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS VR-121 24.61 (listed under 67 1600)
  • Voltage Regulator KEM KVR505 8.48 (listed under 67 1600) KEM Parts
  • Voltage regulator from AUTOZONE, Manufacturer WELLS, part # VR728. (69-70 for sure)
  • Brake light switch (under dash, on brake pedal) -any year 240Z, or any year 280ZX with simple wiring mods Part #'s-Niehoff SL31821, BWD S559, Standard SLS101, and NAPA Echlin SL156 "Switch/Commutateur" (All)
  • Temperature sending unit for a 1970 Datsun pickup. One piece rather than two piece original. (R16)
  • Early Z car front(orange) and rear(red) side lights will fit the '70 roadsters. (1970 All)
  • Horn relay that fits ,'70-'73 Datsun 240Z's '& '65-'74 Datsun 520,521 '& 620 model pickups fits ALL '65-'70 Datsun Roadsters
  • Reverse lamp switch that fits '65-'75 Datsun 520,521 '& 620 model pickups will fit Datsun Roadsters with the "1600" engine built FROM Oct '67 '& LATER!!--.
  • An alternator from the 1980's Ford courier will fit 68 and up roadsters. It plugs right into the wiring, pulley, mounts and all line up. It is also a 35 amp instead of 25. (68-70-All)
  • More alternator choices that will bolt up with stock plugs. Click here! to read about it.(Early and Late Model Cars)
  • J. C Whitney horizontal mount windshield washer reservoir-(low windshield)
  • Fuel Sending unit Options - From Rborison -I bought the fuel sending unit for a 240Z - was about $61. Used the old unit as a "template". Bent and cut the arm on the 240Z unit to match the original. It's working great with a savings of about $100! From Curtis: I modified a VW fuel sender unit to work in my car. Total cost, $13 plus shipping and a few minutes work. I tested it on the gauge on the car and it works great. You just have to point it backward instead of forward like the stock one. Same exact bolt circle as Datsun and comes with a new gasket. Note:Actually price has gone up $25.95 as of today-still much cheaper than OEM. Link is here VW Fuel Sender
  • Oil Pressure sending unit 1600 engines: Standard Motor Products PS202 Oil Pressure Sender NOTE: This may cross reference to Standard PS-238 however, the threads are WRONG on PS-238. Available at Summit.


  • Head bolts--Ford 302 head bolts will work if you use the long ones-Sid
  • Fuel pump--Airtex 1065 for the 1600 and Airtex 1094 for the 2000 however they are the same pump. Around $45.00 (1600 for sure)
  • Oil pan gasket-Victor Part number is os20052 (1600-All)
  • Valve cover gasket-Victor Part number vs30017 (1600-All)
  • Fuel pump block-of plate. Mr. Gasket part number 1516-NOTE:This is not a perfect fit and may require some trimming-not all that hard to make one. (All)
  • A1 CARDONE REMAN DISTRIBUTOR 31-608 81.99 http://catservices.wrencheadpro.com/SmartPages/partinfo/A1C/31608.jpg A-1 CARDONE REMAN DISTRIBUTOR Note: Point Type (69 2 liter for sure)
  • STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS FL80 7.87 http://catservices.wrencheadpro.com/SmartPages/partinfo/STA/FL80.jpg CARBURETOR FLOAT Note: Hitachi, 1 Bbl.; SRL311# 16010-25602; SRL311# 16010-25603; SRL311# 16010-25611; SRL311# 16010-25612; SRL311# 16010-25613; SRL311# 16010-A7800; SRL311# 16010-A7801; SRL311# 16010-A7810; SRL311# 16010-A7811; SRL311# 16010-A7825; SRL311# 16010-A7826; SRL311# 16010-A7831; SRL311# 16010-A7841; SRL311# 16010-A7842; SRL311# 16010-A7851; SRL311# 16010-A7891; SRL311# 16010-A7892; SRL311# HJG46W-1C; SRL311# HJG46W-1CK; SRL311# HJG46W-2; SRL311# HJG46W-5A; SRL311# HJG46W-7; 16010-25602; 16010-25603; 16010-25611; 16010-25612; 16010-25613; 16010-A7800; 16010-A7801; 16010-A7810; 16010-A7811; 16010-A7825; 16010-A7826; 16010-A7831; 16010-A7841; 16010-A7842; 16010-A7851; 16010-A7891; 16010-A7892; HJG46W-1C; HJG46W-1CK; HJG46W-2; HJG46W-5A; HJG46W-7
  • 1600 front pulley oil seal National Federal-Mogul part# 224560
  • U20 head bolt washers - Caterpillar Part #4S-9191.
  • Pilot bearing from any L series motor will fit. (All)
  • ARP rod bolts 135-6002 Chevy 396-427 3/8" will work. (R16)
  • Early 240Z SU round K'&N filters and mounts.(2 liter SUs)
  • Weber or Dellorto 45's are physically interchangeable with the Solex 44's.(Minh)
  • Mecury LYNX/Ford Escort air cleaners kinda fit, they are larger than stock and they may flow better. (1600)DB
  • K '& N filter that fits most Ford and Dodge light trucks with the 2bbl V-8. K '& N part number is E-1290. It is a round 11.0" by 2.75" high filter. Fits nicely in the 1600 air filter housing.(1600-All)
  • ITG JC50/65 Air Filter for the 2000 (Pricey)
  • I tried using the Spectre air filter listed here on my 1600, it was "tall". I tried to cut/shave some of the rubber around the filter, but I still had a tough time getting enough threads of the nut to poke out the top half of the filter cover. I even removed the stock rubber gaskets that line both halves of the air filter holder. I contacted K&N they suggested filter number E-1210. It is not as tall. I can tell you with 100% certainty that K&N air filter E-1210 will fit. I did fit one side first, thread it enough to just hold, and then secured the other side before tightening down
  • Shifter bushings for a '70-'71 Datsun 240Z's '& '69-'73 Datsun 521 '& 620 Pickups-fit ALL '65-'70 Datsun Roadsters.
  • Beck Arnley 065-0162 Flywheel Ring Gear


  • Clutch slave Raybestos #SC37213 or Beck-Arnley 072-1241. Application 1969-1972 521 truck. Fits perfectly, everything bolts right up. Bought at the local Parts Plus store for about $27--$32. (67.5 and all high winshields) As of 08/27/2011 - Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit: NAPA - # UP 644. Beck Arnley Minor kit - seals only 071-2372 Major kit - seals & piston 071-2414
  • Clutch master early 510 clutch master cylinder number, Beck-Arnley 072-1084, used till 2/69.(All) AS OF 08/27/2011 - Clutch Master Cylinder kit: NAPA - # UP 1271 Beck Arnley Major kit - seals, piston, spring


  • 240Z brake master with the roadster steel bolts installed. The bolts are the part that the brake lines screw into. The 240Z bolts are tapped for metric brake lines. The roadster are tapped for standard. Make sure you use a new crush washer when swapping out. An impact wrench helps a lot getting these things apart.(Andy Cost-Nomadtrash)


  • Points Honda Civic to 1979 may be used. (All)

Ignition Switch

  • Ignition switch-79-83 280ZX switch fits 67 2 liter and 67.5 1600


  • Rubber bumper replacement for seat bottoms where seat back rests against them-definitely for the 67/67.5 roadster. McMaster-Carr part number 9540K61 Recess Bumper 226/18 25 piece bag
  • Door rod clip--Motormite 75453 Door Lock Rod Clip It says GM on the package but fits a Datsun. This part # is for the clip that holds the rod from the interior handle to the release attached to the end of the door.(1970 for sure)exit64
  • Cigarette lighter element--Auto Zone lghter unit that listed Nissan 65-00 on the back (brand-Victor Products, Inc. # V5141 $5.49). Replace the knob for original appearance(Early Cars)
  • 90-95 Mazda Miata seats with or without speakers. 96-and above should fit-no speakers in the newer ones though. Minor modifications required. (All)
  • Window crank handles for a VW PN 321837581(Fit 1968 and Above?)
  • Door panel clip replacement-Napa part #665-1103 (All)
  • Early Z interior handles fit the 1970 Roadsters. Hard to find part for the roadster.
  • All Porsche seats that fit 911 and 944 with or without power, will fit with minor modification (and maybe wiring to power the motors) -- (All)

Rubber Bits

  • Fuel filler hose-Gates lists 1 7/8, 3 foot lengths. http://www.Gates.com Product ID 46633603, Part #23930---Product Description 23930 1-7/8" X3FT FUEL FILL--UPC 072053062663(ALL)
  • Dayco 80305 is also a 1 7/8" ID x 3ft long fuel hose.(ALL)


  • Howdy - When I went to grab my spare pair of front seals, I found one empty box - they were from NAPA, but we no longer have a local store -I could not find anyone to cross the 550226 (CR#) to anything that remotely looked correct....however the NAPA seal crossed to a National # 224820 at Advance auto parts. (advance SKU#3207539). I ordered the seal and it does indeed fit, for sure on a 69 and a 70, this should fit all years.


  • Leaf Spring Suspension Bolts--I have found that the leaf spring u-bolts from a Jeep CJ2A, 3A, or 3B are a good replacement. The stock part # is 909222. They are about 1 inch longer than stock but this doesn't effect how they mount or work and they are the same dimensions and thickness as the stock ones. It you want you can cut this extra length off. --zippyroadster (ALL)
  • Lower Ball Joins can be purchased direct from Rareparts Inc at http://www.Rareparts.com part # 10245, or via local auto parts store. Approx 150.00 each plus tax & shipping. Part fits all years.
  • Bump stops--Energy Suspension part number 9-9103(G or R) G is for black and R is for red. Use these along with competition or modified front springs. You will have to enlarge the hole of the bump stop mount to use these. Available from many sources-do a Google search.(ALL)
  • Boots-Lower ball joints- 9-13119 (they come in a set of 2. $3)(ALL)
  • Boots-Upper Ball joints- 9-13105 (they come in a set of 2. $3)(ALL)
  • Boots-Tie rods 9-13105 (same as above) order 6(ALL) Note from Ron Eastman: "The company I purchased from is Suspension Restoration Parts Co. http://www.suspension.com They are in Modesto. (209) 578-5101. I called to place my order. They list a lot of stuff on their website as fitting the Z's and many other Nissans. I went to the Energy Suspension website to figure out how to measure the ball joint to pick the right part. Here is the link to their measuring page. http://www.energysuspension.com/pages/tie_r.html


  • My local engine '& driveshaft rebuilder looked up the bill records for my early type steering u-joint and got the part# for the replacement joint they used. For early type use: Neapco part# 1-0170X manufactured by http://www.neapco.com/index.php (68 Steering Joint)
  • Steering u-joint Moog/Precision 338 is a workable aftermarket part It requires very slight modification to get the snap rings to fit properly.
  • For the late, RCB steering box, the upper horizontal shaft (where the steering knuckle connects) is metric, 18x31x7mm. The Timken part number for this seal is #18X31X7, the Nissan part number is 48029-04100. Here is a link that sells this seal: http://www.colonialseal.com/AS634.html
  • The lower shaft seal where the pitman arm is attached is metric, 25x40x7mm, the Timken part number is #25X40X7, the Nissan part number is 48137-36700. Here is a link from the same company website for this seal: http://www.colonialseal.com/A673.html
  • The large O-ring is also metric, it is a 2mm cross section, but I have to verify it's inside diameter. I will check that out later. The Nissan part number is 48035-71200.
  • Your local auto parts may be able to reference these seals or check with a local bearing company, as they usually have seals catalogs or you can just google by entering 25x40x7 or 18x31x7 in the search box. (Thanks to Mike aka 23yrRebuild)


  • In the process of doing a total restoration of my 1970 2000, I discovered the 5 speed transmission had two bad bearings. Using the references listed in the tech section article on bearing interchangeability, I went to the local Auto Value Parts Store. The following 7 bearings were purchased and installed. The manufacture is National Mogul. These are the 'ball' bearings not the 'needle' bearings.
  • Part #.......UPC number.......Quantity...Price (each)
* 306-L.. (7 24956 08828 7) 2 ea.... $ 30.71
* 304 .. ..(7 24866 08780 8) 1 ea.... $ 18.83
* 205 .... (7 24956 06843 2) 3 ea.... $ 13.88
* 204 .... (7 24956 06782 4) 1 ea.... $ 9.48
* 223540.. (7 24956 07476 1) 1 ea... $ 6.15 ( Rear Oil Seal)
submitted by Don Smith, Visalia, CA
  • Speedometer 90 degree pin source, Napa BK 6151831. this is the small keyed pin that goes between the transmission and the 90 degree gear on the speedometer drive. Thanks Dave Brisco.


  • The "spacesaver" spare tire and wheel from early Z-cars fits - I got one from a junkyard Z (sorry, I don't know what year)DB This is not very realistic any more as early Z's are impossible to find in the bone yards these days. (All)
  • Corvair wheel studs PN C591 7/16 x 20 .33 longer than stock. (All)

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