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311s Dual Master Alternative

Karl Payne has come up with an alternative for the dual reservoir master cylinder. Dual brake master for 68-72 Datsun 510 part 11-1538 as found on Oreilley's, Napa, RockAuto, and Cardone. Core may be required.

Here is a quick solution to the problem of a metric MC and the SAE brake lines. I found an adapter that has 10 mm X 1.0 male threads on one end and SAE 3/16-24 female threads on the other end. I got them at NAPA, it is a Weather Head part, PN 1443.

With this part I installed the 510 dual res. MC, added the 1443 adapter and screwed in the roadster brake lines. Worked like a charm.

Keep in mind this is a Ford 2.3L turbo motor, so YMMV with regard to stock engines with carb and air filter clearance. You can see my (substandard) clearance that will just barely work.

Thanks for sharing Karl.