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Published 2020

Stealth Instrument Voltage Regulator Fix-Solid State V1.0

by Nissanman and Devo

Piggybacking on Nissanman's brilliant and inexpensive fix for the instrument voltage regulator that plagues a lot of Roadsters, I found a simple and inexpensive alternative to soldering the tiny probes of the solid state regulator itself. By use of a computer fan 3 pin extension plug purchased from Ebay, you can plug the VR directly into it and just place Nissan type connectors on the wire ends. Then, just plug and play into your dash harness. All of the assembly will fit nicely right back into the original VR can, and can be bolted back up in the original location. All for about $6. You'll even have 9 more VRs left over in case you need a replacement down the road. Black wire is 12V input Yellow wire is 8V output Red wire is ground

Volt Reg