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Tightening up the sloppy stick shift on the 4-speed! by Slowboy

Front to rear slack is removed with a nylon washer.

The washer thickness is determined by the gap between the front of the control arm and the tail housing. The inside diameter was 5/8's, about the size of the strike rod. Cut the nylon washer like a "C" clip and snap it in place.

Door to door slack is removed with pressure.

Replace the strike rod pin with a shanked hex cap bolt, two flat washers, and one nut (all grade 8). Crank them down very tight. With a new rubber boot there will be little movement. This movement is superior to the 5 inch swing the shifter use to have.

The bolt is 1/4-20x1-1/2 and I cut off the excess threads but it is not necessary.

Full size picture

Full size picture