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Matt Silvey's Roadster Restoration Database
republished with the authors consent. (can be used for any make and model)

When Matt started restoring his Roadster, he found that he was in need of a database to track what he had done to his car. He had discovered this need several years ago when he was going through a 1961 VW Karmann Ghia that he had. He looked around on the internet and found a couple of programs out there but they all had drawbacks, not the least of which is that someone was selling every one of them.

Besides not wanting to pay for a simple program he could do himself, they were all proprietary and operated in their own environment. He wanted something that was tailored to his needs and was easily changed if the need arose. Matt had designed several databases at his job that were in Microsoft Access and had found that program to be very easy to use once he got used to it.

Below are some screenshots of the database with a description of what each one is used for. With this database, you can print out a complete list of all the parts that you have purchased, from whom and the cost of each part. This report also totals the money spent so you know just how much not to tell the wife you spent. OUCH! You can print another report that will show what parts you plan on purchasing, from whom if known and how much they will cost. You can run still another report that lists all of the suppliers that you have purchased from with their address, phone number and website address (a Roadster Phonebook if you will).

The database is still free but you will have to pay for shipping if you think it is something that you can use or I can set you up an FTP account on my server and you can download it directly. If you like it, please let Matt know. In order to use the database, you must have a PC computer (sorry, not available for Mac). This used to be downloadable from Matt's web site but there were several problems with that version. He reworked the database and it is now offered on CD Rom only. The CD comes with a "Runtime" version of Microsoft Access 2000 which is a license free use-only version of Access. This allows you to use all aspects of the database, but does not allow you to make changes to the database itself (ie: the forms, reports etc.)

Database now available: The CD Rom version of the database is now available here for FTP download--just send an email to the webmaster. Or if you do not know how to use FTP and are interested, please send the web master of 311s.org an email with your actual mailing address and a CD will go out US mail to you. Matt did not charge anything but the cost will be five US dollars to cover media, packaging, and shipping. Those that are overseas will need to pay an additonal amount for shipping directly tied to where in the world it is going. FTP is the best choice as once you have the files you can burn your own CD.

Main Screen

From this screen I choose which portion of the database I want to use. There is also a link that will take me directly to my Datsun Roadster web page.

Parts Purchased Screen

On this screen, You can view every part purchased individually. You can enter newly purchased parts and you can print the Parts Purchased report which lists all of the parts that have been purchased, from whom, cost for each part, any warrany information and it gives the total amount spent to date.

Parts Suppliers Screen

On this screen, you can view all of the suppliers with all their information one at a time. You can also enter a new supplier and print the Parts Supplier report which lists all of the suppliers in alphabetical with their contact information.

Parts To Be Ordered Screen

On this screen you can enter parts that you are planning on ordering, from whom and for how much. You can print the Parts to be Ordered report which lists all of the parts that you plan on ordering, from whom and the cost. You can also move parts from "to be ordered" status to "purchased" status by checking the box next to the appropriate part in the table on the right and then clicking the "Move Now" button. This function allows me to enter the part into the database only once.

Matt's own words "Let's do our best to keep them on the road, Roadster or any other classic."