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Datsun Fairlady Parts Catalog

Lars Tungen has been working on an online parts catalog that you should find very useful. Below is the link and description he posted in the forum.


All part numbers and figures from the old microfiche should be there. In addition you will find new part numbers from Nissan where these are still listed in the Nissan system. The quantity column (qty) is mostly set to 1, which is plain wrong in many cases. Getting these right is a manual process that will take some weeks to finish. Also, the search engine needs some tuning that I hope will improve with time.

I also have a list of the parts that are definitely NLA from Nissan. and will add this info to the part listings at a later stage. But, of course a lot of the parts still listed by Nissan are also NLA.

Working on making the figures above the part listings bigger. It will take some time to get them all done. But when you se a small thumbnail sized figure you can always click on it to make it bigger or to drill down to the part listings.

I have many ideas on what I might add later. The 310 parts should definitely have been there. Maybe even the H20 engine also. An automatic VIN# and part number decoder would be nice. The list is endless....

Also working on part catalogs for other classic Datsuns, like the 510, C30, S30, S130, 520 & 521, 411 and many more. My ultimate goal is to able to follow part numbers across models, years and regions, but that will require a lot of part numbers and figures/diagrams to realize.

-- Lars Tungen Norway