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published 2007

Recently I acquired a 67.5 2 liter basket case. Once I had inventoried the boxes and boxes of parts I realized I was missing the igntion switch along with keys. I found the door locks and trunk lock but still no keys. Now what?

Well, if you do get a car with no keys any good locksmith should be able to cut you a set of keys with the lock code. On the door locks and trunk lock there is a four digit code. Mine was 1106. I took this info to my local locksmith and five minutes later I had a set of keys for my door and trunk locks. In my case for the early 1967.5 he used Subaru blank Taylor X 108.

The gas cap also has a four digit code as I believe the ignition switch does as well. Get the code and it will save you quite a bit of grief.

Needless to say if the locks are in the car you will have to remove them. The trunk lock is by far the easiest to remove to get the code. You may get by with just removing it unless someone has changed the locks out.

High windshield blank that will work is Taylor D79Y - 26mm from shoulder to tip. If your locks are a matched set, the doors, gas cap and console lock will all be the same for high-window cars. Ignition key is different.

So ,that sort of covers lost or missing keys. Good luck!