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Published 2022

Datsun Roadster

KA24DE Engine and 240sx 5 Speed Trans Mount Kit Installation Instructions

Step #1-- Front frame preparation.

Guide pins are used on the front lower mounts to position correct engine setback and to prevent vertical drive-line angle misalignment. Sometimes encountered with engine swaps. Factory manufacturing jig guide bushings are welded into the frame by the upper A Arms. Use the rear factory bushings on the left and right side for new mount installation alignment. Using 7/16” bolts as guide pins temporarily install new lower front right and left side mounts. Mark frame where mounts will be welded in. Remove mounts and prep frame area with a hand grinder for weld-in procedure.

Step #2—Removing old engine mounts

Remove old U20 engine mounts and passenger side 1600 lower mount on cross member. Box and weld hole left after removal of 1600 mount to maintain cross-member strength/ Removal of passenger side 1600 mount will leave room for the KA24 alternator.

Step #3—Installing new front mounts on engine

Install new front upper right and left mount brackets to the KA24 engine using stock bolts. Install new U20 rubber mounts to the upper brackets. Bolt new lower right and left mounts to the U20 mounts.

Step #4—Cutting front cross-member

Front cross member will now need to be cut to match your oil pan configuration. Use approximately 6” long x 7/15” bolts as alignment pins for front lower mounts. Position KA24 engine less transmission, clutch, and flywheel with mounts installed into engine compartment. Use an approved hoist and engine sling. Suspend the engine front pulley just above front cross-member, install 6” long x 7/16” bolts through new lower mount guide straps and into rear factory guide bushings. Mark front cross-member with soapstone to allow clearance for your oil pan configuration. Remove engine and flame cut cross-member. Install engine using shorter 7/16” bolts as needed until oil pan clearance is correct and lower mounts rest on frame for weld procedure. Remove only enough cross-member material to allow correct oil pan clearance. Box and weld cross-member for added strength.

Step #5—Rear mount and frame preparation

Stock U20 5 speed rear cross-member and transmission mount will be used. New U20 transmission mount is recommended. Turn transmission mount upside down, insert mount studs through the square tubing provided in the kit. Locking nuts should be installed inside the tubing and tightened. Square tubing will be welded to stock U20 cross-member during weld-in procedure. Front wishbone upper Y gusset area just behind transmission mount will need to be cut to provide clearance for the transmission mount.