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68-70 windshield gasket SS trim installation

by Richard

  • I placed the rubber on the windshield.
  • Then I install the the windshield in the body.
  • Then I put a rope or electric wire in the edge were the trim should go in.
  • Then I place the trim on top of the rubber were it should sit.
  • You have to do the next with 2 people.
  • One press the trim on to the rubber, the other will pull the rope slowly and 90 degrees angle of the trim (or pointed to the front (downwards) of the car).
  • When the rope leaves the rubber it pulls the edge with it.
  • That edge will go back and falls in the trim as it should be.
  • Remember the trim sits only on one side in the rubber.
  • The other end sits just on top of the rubber.
  • But be careful and choose the right rope or electric wire so that you don't CUT the rubber!!
  • So you do this procedure with the top and lower trim.
  • The left and right side can easy be slide in with some soap from top to bottom.
  • Take a good look on these left and right side trim, they have a little curve so you have left and right ones!
  • Put it on the rubber and see which one sits best on each side.
  • That you slide in one of the corner pieces and help the other with a tool to click in.