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311s Suspension Grease Zerks

So where are those pesky grease zerk fittings? Regular greasing can save wear and tear on front end parts and save you money in the long run. Have you priced new ball joints lately? There are 20 of them in all. 21 if you have a 4 speed. 23 if you have them in your after market u-joints. Here you go:

Upper A-arm 2 per side
Lower A-arm 2 per side
Upper Ball Joint 1 per side
Lower Ball Joint 1 per side
Tie Rod Ends 6
Idler Arm Housing 1
Rear Handbrake linkage 1 (rear axel pivot)
On the 1600 models there is a zerk fitting on the speedo cable housing at the tranny
**Non-stock U-joint 2

 **NOTE:(Stock U-joints do not have zerk fittings)

The consensus is that the zerks are SAE 1/4" x 28tpi.

Again, a little preventive maintenance goes a long ways. Enjoy the ride.