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Front Wheel Bearings

This covers replacing or repacking the bearings.

Front wheel bearings should be checked and greased on a regular basis. They are not too hard to get to. The first thing to do is to break the lugs loose on the front wheels. Jack the front end of the car up next placing some jack stands under the frame to support the car. Remove the tire and rim. Unbolt the brake caliper (2 bolts) and suspend with wire out of your way. Do not let it hang by the brake line. Next remove the dust cover from the center of the hub. Straighten out and remove the cotter pin. Remove the large nut holding the hub onto the spindle. Pull the hub off of the spindle and the outer bearing will fall out of place along with it's washer.

One of the forum members came up with the following to purchase wheel bearings and seals for the front.

Inner Wheel Bearings (large): manufacturer- SKF # BR30206 (30206 will cross to other manufacturers if SKF in not what your part store stocks)

Outer Wheel Bearings (small): manufacturer- SKF # BR30204 (30204 will cross)

Grease Seal: Manufacturer- CR # 550226 Nissan/Datsun # 40232-16500 (550226 will cross to other manufacturers)

Hope this saves some pennies, Keith

Thanks for sharing Keith

Gary Boone also came up with a NAPA part number for the front seals. NAPA part # 18962. Thanks Gary for sharing.

Bearing #s:

Nissanman wrote: Roller bearings - front axle inner - Timkin 30206 front axle outer - Timkin 30304 Source: - http://www.earlydatsun.com/sr31168nongenparts.html

A few more choices: front axle inner: SKF - BR30206 Beck Arnley - 051-2451

front axle outer: SKF - BR30204 Beck Arnley - 051-2444

Mike Hudson

Now it is time to inspect the parts for any undue wear. Look the spindle over carefully. Next check the bearings themselves. The inner bearing will require you to remove the seal to get a good look at it. Seals are something you might want to keep on hand. If the bearings look good and you cannot feel any wear when turning them by hand repack them and put them back on. Before repacking remove the old grease with a good cleaner. I use Castrol's purple stuff. Wear gloves because that stuff will dry your hands out something fierce. Check the bearing race surfaces on the hub. If all looks good begin reassembly. If you need to replace the inner bearing-you will have to drive the old race out. You can use a punch or other suitable tool to drive the race out from the front side. I use a brass drift to install the new one so it does not get buggered up.

Put the inner bearing back in. I have a seal seating tool but a socket the same diameter as the oil seal works just fine as well. Gently tap the oil seal into place. Slide the hub back over the spindle. Install the outer bearing, washer, and large nut. Tighten the nut down until it is snug and then back off enough to line one of the holes in the spindle up with a notch in the nut. Install new cotter pin and bend to secure. Replace dust cover by tapping it back into place. Give the hub a spin to see how it feels. Reinstall the caliper. Put tire and rim back on and repeat on the other side.

And that is all there is to repacking or replacing front wheel bearings. One thing for sure, these little cars are a breeze to work on. Now go for a ride and enjoy it.