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311 Suspension Tech Section-Front End Torque Specs

Here are the torque specifications for the front ends of the Datsun Roadsters from the Clymer Manual (converted from metric using 7.233 ft-lbs per kg-m):

Upper ball joint to wheel spindle
32-40 ft-lbs

Lower ball joint to wheel spindle
69-90 ft-lbs

Upper & lower ball joint to control arm
16-17 ft-lbs

Disk dust shield through caliper mount
25-30 ft-lbs

Caliper to caliper mount
62-86 ft-lbs

Lug nuts
58-65 ft-lbs

Spring plate nut*
25-30 ft-lbs

Upper arm spindle to cross member*
35-42 ft-lbs

Lower link spindle bolt*
25-30 ft-lbs

Nut upper ball stud with knuckle spindle*
43-51 ft-lbs

Nut lower ball stud with knuckle spindle*
80-90 -ft-lbs

Spindle nut (not torque spec available)
tighten until snug then back off 1/8 turn or until cotter pin fits. I usually just snug it up and back off until you can put the cotter pin in place