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Published 2008

311 Stock Engine Tech Section

General tech info on both the R16 and U20 motors:

Item DescriptionSP(L)311-(R)SP(L)311-(U)
Compression ratio9.09.5
Max Power B.H.P./r.p.m.(SAE)96/6000SOLEX-150/6000 SU-135/6000
Intake valve clearance(hot)0.0169 (in)0.0079 (in)
Exhaust valve clearance(hot)0.0169 (in)0.0118(in)
Ignition timing BTDC/rpm16/600Solex-20/700 SU-16/700
Spark plugsNGK B-6ENGK B-6E
Spark plug gap0.027~0.31 in.0.027~0.31 in.
Point Gap0.018~0.022 in.0.018~0.022 in.
Firing order1-3-4-21-3-4-2
Oil pan capacity US Gallon1.083 Gl or 4-1/3 QtsSolex-1.875 Gl or 7.5 Qts SU-4-1/3 Qts
STANDARD (uncut) head thickness inches3.246"4.528-4.530"
Min head thickness (inch) before significant issues-.060"pending"
Standard (uncut) head thickness millimeters82.499115.0-115.062
Min head thickness (mm) before significant issues-1.524pending"

Torque Specs:

Item DescriptionSP(L)311-(R)SR(L)311-(U)
Cylinder head bolts 1st(ft-lbs)1743.4
Cylinder head bolts 2nd(ft-lbs)3462.1
Cylinder head bolts final(ft-lbs)45~5065.1
Connecting rod big end nuts35~4565.1
Flywheel bolts35~4457.8
Main bearing cap bolts71~8165.1
Camshaft bearing cap nuts M-8N/A13
Camshaft bearing cap nuts M-6N/A5.1
Cam shaft gear nut33~3613
Oil filter nuts15.2~19.515.2~19.5
Oil pan3.63.6
Oil pump11~155.8~7.2
Crank pulley bolt145144.6
Jackshaft Sprocket screwN/A32.5~36.2
Rocker cover4.3~5.14.3~5.1