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Published 2014 Updated 2019

Dog Bone Linkage Alternative-Build Your Own

Updated-see below by Datsun.David

I bought the components from MidWest Control Products if anyone would like to undertake to build their own. MidWest Control Products A fellow member contacted them recently(5-10-16) and once they run out of this part they will no longer be producing any more. So, do not be surprised if they no longer have them in stock.

David was selling them for $20, you got one dog bone assembly with internal metal cir-clips that has been tested to fit on 2000 SU and Solex factory ball ends. (And anecdotally confirmed to fit 1600 SU's too! - and Z linkage too.) It is a snug press fit and requires a bit of leverage to pop them off with a flat screw driver or similar. Replacement cir-clips are available From MidWest (although I am not sure how you would lose one because they don't really want to come out) and I have a handful of spare ends just in case somebody loses something... (and because I ran out of threaded rod to do the last three sets.)

The joints are plated steel and I believe the threaded rod and the nuts are stainless but I can't remember for sure. It is M5 x .8. My car shows no sign of corrosion in two years (and the drive to Datsun Matsuri two years ago was inhospitable!)

Unlike the factory dog bones, these are all threaded one direction. Once you have determined your ideal adjustment, I would suggest a small amount of loctite to hold them in place, although practically, once both ends are secured they can't really go anywhere. You will probably need to cut the rod provided to length as with the variations between models in length, I didn't want to be short.

Total max. adjust length will be at least 9.5 cm, which is 1 cm longer than the dog bone on my 69 2000 Solex and 2 cm longer than the dog bone on my 67 2000 SU.

Dog bone linkage consists of -

  • 2 - MidWest Control Products DMCBH-5 Ball joint housing.
  • 1 - Length M5 x .8 Threaded Rod
  • 2 - Nuts M5

These look great on and are a subtle replacement for old yellow and cracking dog bones!

Hope this helps!


Spherical end close up of dog bone

A Bunch of dog Bones

Front of Dog Bone

Back of Dog Bone

Engine Bay Dog Bone

Dog Bone Closeup

Update by ledpaw

Found a set of ball joints on amazon and took a gamble to see if they would fit the 1600 SU carbs and they do. Just took some M5x.8 bolts and cut them to size to finish them off. They are both right hand thread so syncing carbs are not as easy, but I can live with that.



Amazon Dog Bone Closeup

Response by devo

Thanks for the tip on this, Leadpaw. I already had 4 of the right/left threaded rods that I picked up from midwest controls previously:


After your tip, I picked up some of the right hand AND left hand threaded dogbone ends and threaded them on to the above listed rod.

 left hand:


 right hand:


 left hand jam nuts:


 Works like a champ, and now I have some nice spares.