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EI Distributor

East Coast Roadster is the successor to Gary Boone. I offer the same product, but with a few updates and improvements.

Short description: These distributors are made by using a later Nissan EI unit with some original Roadster parts and some custom made parts. They fit and function in a Roadster like a factory part. Everything needed to install and wire the unit is included except a 12 volt coil.. See below for warranty and details. The only changes from Gary’s original package is I am now including a brand new vacuum advance unit on SU models, along with a roller bearing in the breaker plate, a brass contact cap and rotor, a new O-ring, and a tube of Dielectric grease for connections. Electronic ignition completely eliminates the points, so there is no maintenance required, The cap and rotor are the only wearing part.

Detailed description and Terms of Sale on website http://www.eastcoastroadster.com

I will provide my phone # if you would like more info. Just contact me to EastCoastRoadster@comcast.net and I'll reply with the number. I offer a money back satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on my conversions.

EI-Dizzy Installation Instructions

Thanks Dave Brisco DBrick