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Tom Hendrickson came up with an alternate for the rubber flexible brake lines for the roadster. His information follows:

Tom says "I think these hoses were for the L520 or L521 pickups ranging from 1966 -1972."

Brake Line and Hose Information

Information for 68-70 Datsun SPL/SRL Roadsters--This information was gathered for a 69 roadster. NOTE:All brakes lines are the same for all years 66 and up.(SA) For all other years compare your hoses with the description below. The rubber flex hoses are 17 long from the nut head on one end to the nut head on the other end. One end has a male thread for 3/16 tubing fittings, and the other end has a slot for a bracket attachment clip and a female fitting for 3/16 tubing fittings.

Part Numbers

  • BENDIX 77002 - Confirmed by installation These hoses are about 1 shorter than Nissan OEM hoses. There does not seem to be a problem with flex range.

Thanks for sharing Tom.

How about stainless steel brake lines? You can purchase parts from some place like Pegasus Racing or Summit and save some dough. I am for saving when I can. How about you?

Stainless steel brake lines info follows:

  • three each 3AN-3AN straight-straight TFE hose 16" long(All three are the same size.)
  • three each 3AN/Female I.F. 3/8 brake adapter (Reuse your old clips)
  • three each 3AN to 3/8X24 Large Hex for washer (Thread into existing T's)
  • three each copper crush washers

And there you have the components to install stainless steel brake lines. Cost is around $80.00.