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311 Clutch Hydraulics Bleeding

Published 2007

Bleeding the clutch hydraulics is very similar to bleeding the brakes. You only have a slave cylinder and the clutch master to bleed in this case. The slave cylinder is located on the passenger side of the trannmission. There is a bleeder screw on the slave. Again, top off the fluid in the clutch master cylinder. Either have a partner to pump up the clutch pedal or use a Motive Power Bleeder(preferred) to bleed the clutch hydraulics. Connect your clear piece of hose over the bleeder and put the other end into a clear sealable container. Either have your partner pump up the clutch pedal and hold it down or if you are using the Motive this is not necessary. Crack the bleeder open on the slave and let the fluid flow until you see clear fluid with no air bubbles. This may require several times of doing this with the two person method. Again, check the level of fluid in the clutch master as running dry will require you to repeat the whole process over. If you just cannot seem to get a firm pedal you may have to bleed the clutch master and then follow that with the slave. If you are putting a new clutch master in-it is best to bench bleed the master before installing it.

The Dave Kaplan gravity brake bleed method will work just as well with the clutch hydraulics. Grab yourself and old jar, drill a hole in the lid and insert 2 feet of rubber line. Connect the jar up to the clutch slave cylinder bleeder. Without touching the clutch pedal crack the bleeder open and just let her drain. Be careful to keep filling the reservoir up and never let the level dip down far enough to expose the hole in the bottom of the cup. One small bottle of brake fluid should take care of it.

While you are under there you may as well adjust your clutch free play at the slave. Remove the spring to release the tension. The fork arm should have an ever so slight amount of play it it. You can take the play out by undoing the two nuts on the slave push rod. Adjust until tight and back off 1/4 turn. Tighten the nuts securely and replace the spring.

That is all there is to it. You will notice the firmness of the pedal once you have completed bleeding the clutch hydraulics.