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Aftermarket Gauges

AutoMeter Gauges

After market gauges-There are many available but I used the Autometer black face in my 67.5. I plan to use the white face in my '66. Not stock but the cost is reasonable and the performance more reliable than the stock gauges in my opinion. It costs a lot of dinero to have the stock gauges refurbished. Plus parts are getting harder to get as the cars get older. Some have used VDO gauges successfully as well.

Mechanical speedometer 3-3/4" 120 MPH-roadster speedo cable hooks right up.

Electric tachometer 3-3/4" 8,000 RPM-hooks up to - side of coil-I had a cap machined to block off the fitting where the tach cable hooked up to the distributor body.

Water temp-mechanical 2-5/8"-hooked into pass side of water pump (to keep away from header heat) I had my water pump fitted with a threaded insert to accept the adapter.

Oil pressure 2-5/8"-connected directly to block after using the correct adapter. The block is threaded for British Thread, (28 teeth per inch). Most aftermarket gauges come with American Thread fittings (27 teeth per inch) You can buy the correct adapter from http://www.mcmaster.com/#4860K141 McMaster-Carr for around $5.00. When I did mine I re-threaded the block for American standard threads. It is probably better result using the adapter. 311fan brought this error to my attention.

Amp gauge 2-5/8"-hooked up to stock wiring-single wire alt screwed that up. More on that later.

Fuel gauge 2-5/8"-used Ford unit as it has correct ohms and works well-not 100% below a 1/2 tank. I believe I used the fuel gauge with a Fuel Level (73 ohm empty/ 8-12 ohm full) This application is for most Fords before 1989 & Chrysler vehicles. If you want to be 100% positive check the roadster sender by measuring resistance (ohms) using an ohmmeter with tank empty and full.

I used the Sport-Comp gauges. The fuel gauge PN for a 2-1/16" is 3315 and 3515 for a 2-5/8". You could use the 5" speedometer and tachometer. It really is personal choice. There are also some smaller water, temp, oil, amp/volt and fuel gauges. 2-1/16" I believe. There are a variety of styles to choose from. I stuck with the Sport-Comp series of gauges. For more information on Autometer gauges go to Summit Racing's Web Site.

Corrected 04/26/2009 SA