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Printable Fuse Block Label for 68

Compliments of copterpilot, Solex68 and billkuma


I revived this thread when I came across Copterpilot's original post re: the fuse box label for a '68. I couldn't find Solex68's image in the Wiki although I searched a bunch - not looking in the right place, I'm sure. So, I used his image above and spruced it up a little. The image here is 727 x 314 pixels, but the original is 1000 x 432 pixels, also in *.png format. If anyone can use it, you're most welcome. At 8.5cm, per Copterpilot's original post, it works out to about 300dpi when printed. If greater resolution is needed please let me know.

The original uses two different English fonts at three different sizes and the Japanese katakana font at three sizes. To replicate the original as closely as possible, I found the correct fonts online. The original label contained some funky spacing which I retained to stay as true to the original as possible. I have some fluency in Japanese - still working on my English :D - so I'm sure the katakana is correct. BTW, all of the katakana represents English words, i.e., cooler (kuuraa) for air conditioning which is 47-year-old Japanese - it's now eakon (air con).

BTW, the above image's properties show 727 x 314 pixels, but with right click and copy, it will copy the full dimensions, 1000 x 432 pixels, for processing or save to a file for processing and sizing.