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YEAR VIN Condition Club Owner State/Country
1966 SP311-70319 Resto Project N/A Symon Tabbenor Spain
1966 SP311-70370 Resto Project N/A Les Cannaday Southern California
1966 SPL311-00012 Unknown N/A Joon Miller Unknown
1966 SPL311-00032 Unknown N/A Ross Mullen British Columbia, Canada
1966 SPL311-00058 Daily Driver SEROC Shelly Vaughn Delaware
1966 SPL311-00070 Resto Project Modesto ROC-311 Skids Alexi NebekerNorthern California
1966SPL311-00072 Resto Project SoCALROC Chuck Grogh Nevada
1966 SPL311-00096 Show Room SoCalROC Micah Cohen Southern California
1966 SPL311-00102 Resto Project NOWROC Annette Rodgers Washington State
1966 SPL311-00112 Show Room N/A Gary Meekins Arizona
1966 SPL311-00113 Daily Driver N/A Cathleen Standal Washington State
1966 SPL311-00115 Resto Project N/A Robert Shannon Arizona
1966SPL311-00117 Non-Running Project N/A Pete Schoch California
1966SPL311-00148 Non-op N/A JS New York
1966 SPL311-00158 Daily Driver N/A Christer Larsen Norway
1966 SPL311-00159 Non-op N/A David Neal Oregon
1966 SPL311-00170 Parted Out BADROC Mike YoungNorthern California
1966 SPL311-00238 Unknown N/A Ken Batterson Unknown
1966 SPL311-00247 Parted Out SEROC Sid Raper Florida
1966 SP311-00264 Resto Project Datsun Sports Owners of Australia Ruth Primmer Brisbane, Australia
1966 SPL311-00266 Daily Driver N/A Andrew Davies Australia
1966 SPL311-00336 Resto Project N/A Steve Cox Florida
1966SPL311-00368 Daily Driver N/A Alvin Richards California
1966 SPL311-00386 Unknown N/A Rob Beddington England
1966SP311-00476 Non-op N/A Steven Colloty South Africa
1966 SPL311-00499 Non-op N/A Dudley Willard Northern California
1966 SPL311-00511 Resto Project N/A Dirk Frisbee Missouri
1966 SPL311-00524 Resto Project N/A Kevin Moses Unknown
1966 SPL311-00544 Show Room N/A Scott Isensee Texas
1966 SPL311-00546 Daily Driver N/A Bill Kocur New Jersey
1966SPL311-00558 For Sale N/A George Gibson Georgia
1966 SPL311-00640 For Sale-Ebay N/A Unknown USA
1966SPL311-00653 Resto Project N/A Steve Brough Pennsylvania
1966 SPL311-00667 For Sale-Ebay N/A Unknown Idaho
1966SPL311-00676 Running Project N/A Leland Soto Connecticut
1966 SPL311-00686 Resto Project N/A Airault Benoit France
1966 SPL311-00699 Unknown N/A James E. West Unknown
1966 SPL311-00767 Unknown N/A Chris Mulligan Unknown
1966 SP311-00787 Resto Project N/A Karyn Hamer-Finn Melbourne, Australia
1966 SPL311-00787 Resto Project N/A Bob Wright Utah
1966 SPL311-00792 Daily Driver N/A S.Ogura Japan
1966 SPL311-00799 Daily Driver N/A Pete Peters Washington State
1966SPL311-00815 Non-Running Project N/A Jim McNary Washington
1966 SPL311-00817 Daily Driver N/A Jeremiah Bush Wyoming
1966 SPL311-00835 Daily Driver N/A Dean Benjamin Montana
1966SPL311-00871 Non-op N/A Unknown California
1966 SPL311-00883 Daily Driver SoCalROC DiAnne & Craig Hofflund Southern California
1966 SPL311-00887 Daily Driver BADROC Paul Magliocco Northern California
1966SPL311-00893 Resto Project N/A McGee Washington
1966SP311-00905 Non-op Datsun Sports Owners Association (New South Wales) David Wilson Australia
1966SP311-00907 Resto Project Datsun Sports Owners Association (New South Wales) Peter Worland Australia
1966SPL311-00907 Non-op N/A Travis Decker Kentucky
1966 SPL311-00919 Daily Driver N/A Dustin M Delano Washington State
1966 SPL311-00927 Daily Driver N/A GD Marshall California
1966 SPL311-00930 Non-op N/A Paul Courson Maryland
1966 SPL311-00933 Parted Out SEROC Sid Raper Florida
1966 SPL311-00937 Parting Out Modesto Roadster Owners Club Brian Parks California
1966 SPL311-00959 Daily Driver N/A Ron Robinson Oregon
1966 SPL311-00968 Resto Project SEROC Deb & Tim Jeffers Tennesee
1966SPL311-00981 Non-op N/A Unknown Nevada
1966 SPL311-00985 Unknown N/A Robert Port Unknown
1966 SPL311-00994 Race Car SEROC John McCarthy Georgia
1966 SPL311-01013 Show Room SoCalROC Shari and Andrew Southern California
1966 SPL311-01038 Daily Driver N/A Bob Anderson Washington State
1966 SPL311-01042 Unknown N/A John R. Butler Unknown
1966 SPL311-01054 Show Room FreDROC Lou Smaldino Central California
1966 SPL311-01070 Non-op N/A Unknown Unknown
1966 SPL311-01196 Resto Project N/A Mark Southern Califonia
1966 SPL311-01073 Daily Driver N/A Mr. Kaisai Vietnam
1966 SPL311-01088 Non-Op N/A Desert Lot Nevada
1966SPL311-01133 For Sale N/A Unknown California
1966SPL311-01163 Resto Project N/A Field of Dreams Project Car Auction Nebraska
1966 SPL311-01291 Daily Driver SEROC Mike Harper South Carolina
1966 SPL311-01303 N/Ar N/A Unknown Owner N/A
1966 SPL311-01322 Unknown N/A Daniel Beatty Unknown
1966 SPL311-01349 Non-op NOWROC Bob Haug Idaho
1966 SPL311-01372 Race Car N/A UknownUknown
1966 SPL311-01394 Parted Out N/A Dan and Susan Garrison Unknown
1966 SPL311-01395 Non-op N/A Joaquin Gomez Southern California
1966 SPL311-01400 Unknown N/A Les Cannaday Southern California
1966 SPL311-01434 Daily Driver AzROC Carl Payne Arizona
1966 SPL311-01466 Daily Driver SoCalROC Greg Glass Southern California
1966 SPL311-01478 Race Car MADROC JH Bahn Maryland
1966 SPL311-01482 Daily Driver WyCROC Les Stern Colorado
1966SPL311-01504 Resto Project N/A Kelly Bauer British Columbia, Canada
1966 SPL311-01538 Daily Driver N/A Berny Thumm British Columbia, Canada
1966 SPL311-01581 For Sale-Ebay N/A Unknown USA
1966 SPL311-01583 Parting Out N/A Chris Helton Kentucky
1966 SPL311-01604 Non-op N/A Carl Jaeger British Columbia, Canada
1966 SPL311-01605 Resto Project N/A Daryl Smith British Columbia, Canada
1966 SPL311-01662 Non-op N/A Keith Williams Nevada
1966 SPL311-01666 Unknown N/A Jim Adkerson Unknown
1966 SPL311-01672 Parting Out N/A Mark Nakashima California
1966 SPL311-01673 Daily Driver N/A Karl Mainord Washington
1966 SPL311-01678 Show Room BADROC Eric Armstrong Northern Califonia
1966 SPL311-01694 Resto Project N/A Bucky MacConaghy Utah
1966 SPL311-01765 Daily Driver SEROC Lewis Kelly Alabama
1966 SPL311-01791 For Sale Ebay N/A Unknown USA
1966 SPL311-01810 Show Room N/A Rob Goedhart Netherlands
1966 SPL311-01819 Show Room N/A Michael Landskroner New York
1966 SPL311-01861 Daily Driver N/A Patricia Freed New Jersey
1966 SPL311-01891 Resto Project N/A Len Laurin Quebec, Canada
1966 SPL311-01967 Unknown SEROC Ron Landrum East Coast, USA
1966SPL311-01995 Resto Project N/A Unknown Kansas
1966 SPL311-01998 Show Room SEROC Bill Hastings Alabama
1966SPL311-02001 Race Car N/A Christian Nordstrom Nevada
1966 SPL311-02013 Daily Driver N/A Takeshi Shigenaga California
1966 SPL311-02019 Daily Driver SEROC David Chapman South Carolina
1966 SPL311-02053 Unknown N/A Tim Barrett Unknown
1966 SPL311-02058 Non-op N/A Rick Lynch California
1966SPL311-02081 Running Project N/A Roger Sartor Oklahoma
1966 SPL311-02082 Daily Driver N/A Jim Abel Kansas
1966SPL311-02087 Non-op N/A Ron Crumpler Mississippi
1966 SPL311-02095 Non-op N/A Ted Heaton Washington State
1966 SPL311-02133 For Sale-Race Car N/A Unknown USA
1966 SPL311-02156 Unknown N/A Michael A. Harris Unknown
1966 SPL311-02199 Daily Driver SoCalROC Brian McNew Southern California
1966 SPL311-02211 Non-op ZIAROC Bill Hatfield New Mexico
1966SPL311-02231 Daily Driver N/A Robert Steffen Washington
1966 SPL311-02278 For Sale Ebay N/A Unknown USA
1966 SPL311-02305 Daily Driver AzROC Jim Bain Arizona
1966 SPL311-02307 Parting Out DRONE Shawn Banker New Hampshire
1966SPL311-02377 Non-Running Project N/A Greg Meyers Minnesota
1966 SPL311-02384 Daily Driver ZIAROC Nick Burns New Mexico
1966 SPL311-02431 Parting Out N/A James Roark Ohio
1966 SPL311-02440 Resto Project N/A Richard Frisbee Missouri
1966 SPL311-02444 Parted Out WyCROC Larry Flaming Colorado
1966 SPL311-02451 For Sale N/A Robert Griswold New York
1966 SPL311-02500 Daily Driver N/A Phil Hall Alabama
1966 SPL311-02514 Non-op N/A Todd Washington
1966 SPL311-02520 Daily Driver N/A Kendra Otto California
1966 SPL311-02524 Parted Out N/A Steve Jacobson Wisconsin
1966 SPL311-02550 Daily Driver WyCROC Jay & Laura Johnson Colorado
1966 SPL311-02558 Show Room BADROC Dan Zubkoff Northern California
1966 SPL311-02575 Daily Driver N/A Toshiyuki Sasakado Northern California
1966 SPL311-02578 Non-op WyCROC Eric Frisbee Illinois
1966 SPL311-02589 Resto Project TDROC Tom Walter Texas
1966 SPL311-02606 Resto Project SoCalROC Chris Breyer California
1966 SPL311-02611 Unknown N/A Gary Lewis Unknown
1966 SPL311-02613 Resto Project N/A Alan Coffee Oklahoma
1966SPL311-02705 Daily Driver N/A Dan R New Jersey
1966 SPL311-02720 Resto Project N/A Paul Miller Northern California
1966 SPL311-02736 Resto Project N/A Steve Hemphill Nevada
1966 SPL311-02757 Non-op N/A Keith Williams Nevada
1966 SPL311-02785 Resto Project N/A Olli-Matti Lieskivi Finland
1966 SPL311-02801 For Sale N/A Unknown USA
1966 SPL311-02824 Parted Out SEROC Chris Bond North Carolina
1966 SPL311-02829 Show Room FreDROC Jeff Torres Central California
1966 SPL311-02865 Show Room N/A Ken Ogi Southern California
1966 SPL311-02870 Resto Project N/A Mannon Wallace, Jr. Washington State
1966SPL311-02914 Daily Driver N/A Curtis Marsten Washington State
1966 SPL311-02920 Show Room BADROC Fred Katz Northern California
1966SPL311-02923 Non-Running Project N/A Jonathan Hayon Nevada
1966 SPL311-02929 Unknown N/A Ray E. Harris Unknown
1966 SPL311-02934 Daily Driver N/A Steven Burton/Barry Barnes California
1966SPL311-02982 For Sale 3/2012 N/A Mike Friedman Maryland
1966 SPL311-02998 Resto Project N/A Kendra OttoSouthern California
1966SPL311-03001 Daily Driver N/A Lisa PCalifornia
1966 SPL311-03006 Daily Driver N/A Kevin LehmanRhode Island
1966 SPL311-03016 Resto Project N/A Jesse Brink & Elizabeth MeyerSouthern California
1966 SPL311-03026 Resto Project N/A J?rgen KleinGermany
1966 SPL311-03071 Resto Project BADROC Lance LambertSouthern California
1966 SPL311-03083 Non-op WyCROC Eric Frisbee Illinois
1966SPL311-03087 For Sale Ebay N/A Unknown California
1966SPL311-03136 Non-op N/A Greg Sheen Arizona
1966 SPL311-03159 Resto Project N/A Jim Doust Northern California
1966 SPL311-03164 Resto Proj SoCalROC Roman Rist Southern California
1966 SPL311-03172 Race Car N/A Russell Roach Texas
1966SPL311-03205 For Sale N/A Eric Oregon
1966 SPL311-03258 Resto Project N/A Doug Loving Texas
1966 SPL311-03274 Resto Project N/A Vince Strazzabosco Illinois
1966 SPL311-03276 Unknown N/A George Lyon Unknown
1966 SPL311-03280 For Sale N/A Unknown USA
1966 SPL311-03302 Daily Driver N/A Cameron Burns California
1966SPL311-03303 Non-op N/A Steve Dobbins Idaho
1966SPL311-03318 Daily Driver SEROC Arthur R. Rockwell Florida
1966SPL311-03341 For Sale N/A Unknown California
1966SPL311-03405 Daily Driver SEROC David Blair California
1966 SPL311-03423 Resto Project SEROC Allison Hirsch Georgia
1966SPL311-03428 Parted Out N/A Greg Lyon Oklahoma
1966 SPL311-03554 Non-op N/A Grady Miles California
1966 SPL311-03587 Resto Project N/A Rod Hurt California
1966SPL311-03588 Non-op N/A Alan Greytak California
1966SPL311-03604 Daily Driver N/A Scott Gregson Arizona
1966 SPL311-03609 Parts Car N/A Unknown Southern California
1966SPL311-03633 Resto Project N/A Kevin Cayson Oregon
1966 SPL311-03639 Show Room UROC Michael Knorr Utah
1966 SPL311-03681 Parted Out Midwest Datsun Sports Car Club Steve Allen Iowa/Missouri
1966 SPL311-03691 Daily Driver N/A Chuck Moody Northern California
1966 SPL311-03695 Resto Project N/A Serg Navarro Florida
1966 SPL311-03775 Resto Project SEROC Jeremy Satterfield South Carolina
1966 SPL311-03816 For Sale Ebay N/A Unknown Unknown
1966 SPL311-03928 Resto Project ZROC Mark SedlackOhio
1966SPL311-03937 Show Room N/A Alex Papadatos South Carolina
1966 SPL311-03954 Daily Driver N/A Martin Lind Pennsylvania
1966 SPL311-03983 Unknown SEROC Robby Ballard East Coast, USA
1966 SPL311-04002 Daily Driver N/A Eric Messersmith, Ph.D. Florida
1966 SPL311-04003 Daily Driver N/A Keith Williams Nevada
1966 SPL311-04021 Daily Driver SEROC Tommie Roberson North Carolina
1966 SPL311-04091 Non-op N/A Cindy Picha California
1966SPL311-04122 Daily Driver N/A Greg Lyon Oklahoma
1966SPL311-04137 Daily Driver N/A Dan Kinsman Arizona
1966 SPL311-04153 Non-op N/A Keith Williams Nevada
1966 SPL311-04156 Resto Project N/A Mark NakashimaCalifornia
1966SPL311-04164 Daily Driver N/A Drew Young New Hampshire
1966 SPL311-04189 Daily Driver N/A Nicole Younger Oregon
1966 SPL311-04212 Parting Out NOWROC Gregg Fishel Oregon
1966 SPL311-04228 Daily Driver N/A Jay Lucas California
1966 SPL311-04252 Unknown N/A Martin Jurgensen Unknown
1966 SPL311-04267 Daily Driver N/A Jack Martin Washington State
1966SPL311-04275 Daily Driver N/A Bill Gipson Missouri
1966 SPL311-04293 Non-op N/A JJ Boettger Washington State
1966 SPL311-04327 Parted Out WyCROC Eric Frisbee Missouri
1966 SPL311-04353 Unknown N/A Michael Burnett Unknown
1966 SPL311-04356 Unknown N/A Gary Tew Unknown
1966SPL311-04358 Daily Driver N/A Randy LewisArizona
1966 SPL311-04371 Unknown N/A Jay D. Beatty Unknown
1966 SPL311-04394 Resto Project N/A Tom DavisonMichigan
1966SPL311-04409 Non-op Dairyland Datsun's Donald Crawford Michigan
1966 SPL311-04429 Non-op N/A Robert Harrison Connecticut
1966 SPL311-04500 Non-op N/A Steve Newby Oregon
1966 SPL311-04559 Parted Out N/A Travis Rowe Northern California
1966 SPL311-04587 Unknown N/A Jason Roosa Unknown
1966 SPL311-04591 Daily Driver NOWROC Gregg Fishel Oregon
1966 SPL311-04611 Unknown N/A John Woods Unknown
1966 SPL311-04618 Resto Project N/A Ron RobinsonOregon
1966 SPL311-04642 Resto Project N/A Bob WinsladeManitoba, Canada
1966 SPL311-04673 Resto Project N/A Edwin WickhamCalifornia
1966 SPL311-04684 Show Room N/A Harry WildeboerNetherlands
1966 SPL311-04695 Non-op N/A Ted HeatonWashington State
1966 SPL311-04718 Resto Project N/A Tawnya & Landon Thaden Colorado
1966SPL311-04728 Daily Driver N/A Chuck NLN Nevada
1966 SPL311-04735 Non-op N/A Michael ReischmanMaryland
1966 SPL311-04736 Non-op N/A JEFF(Kiwi)OWENCalifornia
1966 SPL311-04744 Daily Driver N/A Ron Williams Oregon
1966 SPL311-04780 For Sale Ebay N/A Unknown Arizona
1966 SPL311-04792 Non-op N/A Eddie Conna Southern California
1966SPL311-04825 Resto Project N/A Ron Pak California
1966 SPL311-04827 Resto Project N/A Tawnya & Landon Thaden Colorado
1966 SPL311-04837 Daily Driver N/A David Bodenheimer North Carolina
1966 SPL311-04884 Resto Project N/A Unknown Unknown
1966 SPL311-04914 Resto Project N/A Tom & Jeff Spotswood Florida
1966 SPL311-04962 Resto Project N/A Gerald Voelk Austria
1966 SPL311-04966 Resto Project N/A Jeff W Southern California
1966SPL311-04970 Non-op N/A Brian Brogie New Mexico
1966 SPL311-05014 Daily Driver N/A Greg Szekeres Pennsylvania
1966 SPL311-05028 Show Room N/A Jeff Hurlburt Southern California
1966 SPL311-05039 Daily Driver N/A Lou Daly Onatrio, Canada
1966 SPL311-05094 Non-op N/A James Culp South Carolina
1966SPL311-05173 Resto Project N/A Richard Klimmert Netherlands
1966SPL311-05183 Seasonal Driver N/A Rein Netherlands
1966SPL311-05202 Scrapped N/A Scrapped North Dakota
1966 SPL311-05204 Resto Project N/A Chr. Meyer Denmark
1966 SPL311-05207 Parting Out SEROC John McCarthy Georgia
1966 SPL311-05231 Resto Project N/A John Wightman British Columbia, Canada
1966 SPL311-05249 Resto Project SoCalROC Bob Giel Southern California
1966 SPL311-05261 Unknown N/A S. Peters New Jersey
1966 SPL311-05269 Unknown N/A Glen Blue Pennsylvania
1966 SPL311-05270 Daily Driver N/A Norm deCarteret Florida & Pennsylvania
1966 SPL311-05353 Resto Project N/A Eric L. Florida
1966 SPL311-05358 Resto Project N/A Eddie C Califronia
1966 SPL311-05434 Parted Out N/A Scott and Pam Sheeler Georgia
1966 SPL311-05443 Resto Project N/A Mark J. Moses Alabama
1966SPL311-05786 Unknown Resto Project Hank Pacitto Georgia
1966 SPL311-05819 Unknown N/A David Roland Unknown
1966 SPL311-05844 Daily Driver N/A Brenda Milloy Oregon
1966 SPL311-05857 Parted Out SoCalROC Dennis Currington Southern California
1966 SPL311-05880 For Sale Ebay N/A Unknown Arizona
1966 SPL311-05886 Unknown N/A Brett A. Morales Unknown
1966SPL311-05888 Unknown N/A Don Anderson Washington State
1966SPL311-05923 Daily Driver N/A A.T. Brainerd Texas
1966 SPL311-05994 Show Room SoCalROC Evan Troxel Southern California
1966 SPL311-06002 Show Room N/A Jim Kropf Southern California
1966 SPL311-06039 Parted Out BADROC Mike Young Northern California
1966SPL311-06073 For Sale N/A Unknown California
1966 SPL311-06079 Resto Project N/A Travis Rowe Northern California
1966 SPL311-06100 Resto Project N/A Mike & Michelle See Northern California
1966 SPL311-06139 Parting Out FreDROC Bill Holden Central California
1966 SPL311-06253 Daily Driver SEROC Michael Magnesi Georgia
1966 SPL311-06275 Unknown SEROC Mark Richey Georgia
1966 SPL311-06304 Daily Driver N/A Kc Walters California
1966 SPL311-06322 Unknown N/A Chris Coover Unknown
1966 SPL311-06384 Resto Project N/A Dalen and Diana Randa Northern California
1966 SPL311-06399 Unknown N/A Tom Meyer Unknown
1966 SPL311-06421 Daily Driver N/A Leslie & Blaine Clark Oregon
1966 SPL311-06458 Parts Car N/A Unknown USA
1966 SPL311-06510 Resto Project N/A Stephen Moore Arizona
1966 SPL311-06576 Resto Project N/A Neil Levine Northern California
1966 SPL311-06673 Unknown N/A Robert Piel, SR. Unknown
1966SPL311-06857 Non-Running Project N/A Robert Bray California
1966 SPL311-06877 Unknown N/A Brian R. Godon Unknown
1966 SPL311-06878 Daily Driver SoCalROC Chris Casey Unknown
1966 SPL311-06928 Resto Project N/A Art Menor California
1966 SPL311-06949 Unknown N/A Tom Wilson Unknown
1966 SPL311-06988 Unknown N/A Ron Hamilton Arizona
1966SPL310-07000 Show Room N/A Peter Linde Netherlands
1966 SPL311-07099 Show Room BADROC Eddie Wu Northern California
1966 SPL311-07415 Unknown N/A Lad Adkins Unknown
1966 SPL311-07552 Unknown N/A Blaine Benson Unknown
1966 SPL311-07584 Unknown N/A Ron Hamilton Arizona
1966 SPL311-07599 Unknown N/A Nissan Norway Ltd. Norway
1966 SPL311-07875 Unknown N/A Tracey Howeth Unknown
1966 SPL311-07958 Unknown N/A Chris Rivas Unknown
1966 SPL311-08099 Resto Project SEROC Mike Davenport Virginia
1966 SPL311-08115 Daily Driver Modesto ROC David and Phyllis Almazan Central California
1966 SPL311-08906 Show Room Modesto ROC David & Phyllis Almazan Central California
1966 SP311-09044 Daily Driver Datsun Sports Owners of Australia Jack Miller NSW, Australia

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