Metric R16 cam retainer measurement

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Metric R16 cam retainer measurement

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I'm still working on getting my R20 project completed & have run into a problem. I've swapped out the camshaft & replaced the timing set (aftermarket) and when I tighten down the cam gear bolt, the cam won't rotate. It seems that either the cam retainer is too thick to allow the bolt to be tightened or the cam gear is not machined correctly, clamping down on the retainer. I have a couple cam retainers that came out of my engines that measure the same but I understand that there are different thickness retainers for metric vs SAE engines so I'm not 100% sure what I have.

Does anyone have a known metric cam retainer that can be measured so I can compare it to what mine are? I thought about just buying a new retainer from a forklift shop but nobody has one on the shelf.

Thanks in advance.

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