competition sway bar opinions needed

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Re: competition sway bar opinions needed

Post by 23yrRebuild »

Thanks to all for the additional input / advice !
Mike - '67 Stroker / 5-Speed
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Re: competition sway bar opinions needed

Post by theunz »

Daryl Smith wrote: Wed Jul 27, 2022 11:21 pm "If you can tell a difference on a weekend driver, I would be absolutely shocked."
Sid, buddy, are driving....OLD......

"Unless you are pushing it in corners there are better ways to spend your money."
And why have a roadster if you are not "pushing it" in corners? Damn. Get a Corrolla if you aren't gonna drive it! :D :lol:
FWIW, I get sideways almost every time out in the car. The bigger swaybar makes a difference. Weekend or not.

Daryl, I was referring to the post by 23yearrebuild. Personally I autocross my roadster and find that sideways is slow ways (albeit fun ways), perhaps you need better tires😀

23yrRebuild wrote: Wed Jul 27, 2022 3:50 pm I don't see where anyone has asked specifically, unless I've stupidly missed it, there any significant benefit for the larger 22, or 23mm sway bars, over the original equipped ones, on just a weekend driver, driven over the occasional bumpy, road patched, and pot-holed residential streets, and highways ?....or is it really better suited for fast & flat cornering, as in in track and auto-cross ?
Mike M

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Re: competition sway bar opinions needed

Post by Daryl Smith »

You're right, sideways is the slow way, but it is fun to kick the back end out once in a while...(much easier with 2L and strokers). When I settle on a configuration for my engine, and keep it on the road for a while, I definitely plan on a few autocross runs...

I am running stock front springs, 180 lb/in composite leaf rear springs, 3.7 limited slip diff and Bilstiens (recent addition), but most driving experience with KYB's.

With the bigger sway bar:
1) I noticed no difference in the 'ride', as I expected. I intentionally stayed with the stock springs/rates/height for a smoother ride and clearance for speed bumps/road 'imperfections'.
2) I do push the limits at times....but, even when not really pushing it, the car goes through the corners flatter and has a more stable 'feel'.

If you have this sports car, and you actually like 'driving', the bigger swaybar would be near the top of my list of mods after getting a bit more power/efficiency out of a stock engine. YOMV.
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Re: competition sway bar opinions needed

Post by redroadster »

A bit of roll to it in turns isn't such a bad thing for a novice STREET racer you know how fast it can go thru the turn . With a stiffer bar /less roll , it will just slide instead of grip.( if cond. are right) If too much G side force, it breaks contact sliding away , sand dust on the pavement when it was clear last time can be very bad .
My 86 Subaru XT turbo 5sp. Much fun to race around but I learned not to assume how fast it could go around a fast curve ...this lite ride slipped 6-8"s like a heavier car slipped 2-3"
Might try polyura bushings 1st
Keep in mind in racing you do not have oncoming traffic , usually take the optimum
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Re: competition sway bar opinions needed

Post by sports imports »

Comp sway bars are great and make a huge difference but it can be a costly up grade if you haven’t gone through the front end. Anything worn out( idler box, upper a arms , lower ball joints) will now need attention.

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