Just starting refurbish.

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Just starting refurbish.

Post by Danjo55 »

68, 2000 that has sat for the last 30 years in front of my shop, now its inside on dollies.
I last touched this 30 years ago and took the dash and engine/transmission. all toucked away for a later day.
Started with wire brushing out the interior and vaccuming. removed front fenders, gas tank and the body to frame bolts in preperation to remove the body.
One of my first questions is, the underside of all the pannels and inside the doors all look to have been sprayed with a insulating material of some type. Is this factory and would any of you have a suggestion of what is currently available that would be comperable?
Thank you, Daniel
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Re: Just starting refurbish.

Post by Gregs672000 »

Welcome Daniel! The undercoating is factory, though by the way it's sprayed on inside the doors it's probably more for sound control than rust proofing! 34 years ago I used good old spray can rubberised undercoating, and it's still working. Not an exact match but effective.

Tell us more about your plans or project if you like. Tons of info here, all are welcome, great bunch of people from all walks of life. We know these little beasties from top to bottom and we're always happy to help.
Greg Burrows
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Re: Just starting refurbish.

Post by bmccarthy67 »

Hard to know without a photo if someone sprayed additional coatings, but the underside, inside, and openings in the doors/rear panels were sprayed with a rubberized undercoating that hardened (inside of the doors probably has the body color over it. It's a super sticky tar/rubber compound that can be melted off or in the case of the interior floor...frozen with dry ice and knocked off (I have photo's on my April 2020 page that show it). I epoxy primed my underbody then used UPOL products and painted. It will at least last my lifetime.

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