1600 stripped temp sensor threads

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Re: 1600 stripped temp sensor threads

Post by mblue97 »

I now see what you mean about the shoulder which stops the sensor from going in too far. Hadn't thought about that. There are some threads to grab so would JB weld on the threads of the tightening nut be a bad idea? Someone else mentioned tapping the threads to the next size and installing a brass bushing but not sure how to modify it to seal against the temp sensor.
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Re: 1600 stripped temp sensor threads

Post by spl310 »

Just don't through drill and use a bottom tap
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Re: 1600 stripped temp sensor threads

Post by redroadster »

mblue97 wrote: Fri Dec 25, 2020 10:38 pm redroadster - I could retap the threads a size larger. Could you explain the brass adapter? Part number? Thanks.
Napa made probably still makes a brass link between the block / engine and a sender , it helped because the soft brass could kinda strip but still seal also it would straighten itself out . I used them on oil pres senders when the sender didn't want to go on straight but many different ones and angles
If you can find out the guy at your Napa store or others that handles the commercial accounts ,and try asking him with such problems
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Re: 1600 stripped temp sensor threads

Post by VA67.5 »

Did you ever figure out the size of the treads for the temp sensor? I read another thread that the later (metric) threads were M16-1.5mm.

I'm facing the same problem you had because the top of the nut sheared completely off when I attempted to replace the temp sensor.