Fender to Valence fitment

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Fender to Valence fitment

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I've done a bit of searching here but I haven't found what I'm looking for, so here goes:
I've noticed on my car and on some others, the point where the front fender overlaps the valence on the front of the car (just below the lower corners of the grill) it seems that the fender is too large, resulting in a gap of as much as 1/8" between the fender and valence. The attached pic is not my car but basically shows the area I am talking about. Has anyone come up with a way of shrinking this corner in order to reduce the gap? (maybe cut & weld to reduce the dimensions of the fender?).

I'd like to have a better fit & finish that was apparently done at the factory, or perhaps they relied on primer and paint to fill this area?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Fender to Valence fitment

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I have an odd gap on my 67.5 where the valance and fender meet at the grill with a large gap at the same spot. I attributed it to a previous owner (Sins of the PO) changing the fender at some point and did not see an "easy" fix. The apron/valence appears to be made of Papier Mache as it is VERY easily bent into all kinds of shapes with little effort.
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