Choosing the Best LED Headlight Upgrades

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Re: Choosing the Best LED Headlight Upgrades

Post by todd lorber »

I just had the Vintage Car VC3500 LED's arrive (thanks to a recommendation above about the expiring discount). Not sure when I'll get them installed, but If they work well I may also get a set for my 240Z.

-Edit-So as an update here, I received and installed the Vintage Car LED's. I first installed them onto the roadster and they went on perfectly. But since that car will be coming apart for body and paint work, I pillaged it and put the lights onto my Z. It is amazing to be able to see at night, and the best thing about these lights are that 1) they have glass lenses and 2) they are plug and play-no cutting or filing to get them to fit either of these cars. And since they draw around half the amperage, they put less stress on the circuitry.

I've become so accustomed to "Some assembly required" that I'm genuinely surprised when an after market part fits with no fuss.

I will be ordering a second set for the roadster, which will be my wife's Christmas gift to me. I just thought I'd relay my experience (heh heh electrical reference).
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Re: Choosing the Best LED Headlight Upgrades

Post by Gregs672000 »

I went ahead and ordered these from Amazon, got them today and installed in a few minutes:

They were the same size as my halogens. Unfortunately my pads' camera could not show the incredible difference they make side by side, but I'm super happy. Bright white light, not blinding, looks like they will work great with the tri-bars. The halogens were very yellow in comparison and not near as bright. Now the front of the car is much sharper. I'm excited to see them on the road, but that may be a bit. Really glad I read the posts... thanks for putting the info and idea out there. So far I can highly recommend these.
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Re: Choosing the Best LED Headlight Upgrades

Post by redroadster68 »

Before awakening the beast from its winter slumber, I installed much better lighting. My old headlights were old and pretty much useless. I rarely drive in the dark...good thing. If the moon was out, I could see where I was going . Decided on LED, Auxbeam in Hella E code H4 lenses. Pretty much plug and play.

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