trunk hinge spring install tricks? - help needed!

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trunk hinge spring install tricks? - help needed!

Post by andyb »

So, I managed to get the tension springs off without removing the hinges... and am having difficulty reinstalling. i have another car to look at to see how they go, but getting them in seems really tricky.

any special tricks, or do i need to mcguyver a special tool? is it possible to put them back in with the hinges installed?

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Re: trunk hinge spring install tricks? - help needed!

Post by DatsunNoob »

Wow, I just went through this. I think I put my springs back properly. My only concern is that the trunk lid tends to sit high with the springs holding it about an inch off the latch. It moves freely so I think it's ok.
Start here ===> There is a left and right spring. You'll have to determine which is which but start with the spring without the noise cushion. For me that was my 'left' spring.
Block the lid fully open (or have a friend hold it. Their not). Take the left spring and hold it so the straight end is on the right. There is a small hole in the right hinge, insert the straight end into that hole NOTE....there is a second hole. The straight end needs to go through both.
While inserting to the right, check the left end. There is a hook to it. If you have the correct side, the hook will just slide through a slot in the sheet metal on the body. Once it's in the slot, the hook will almost fit onto one of the two tabs near the slot. It just takes a bit of finessing to get the spring to slide horizontally (not much, about 1/4-1/2 inch). I put the springs on the first of the two tabs.
Repeat for the other side.
And now comes the fun part. On each spring at the 'straight' end, there is a 90 degree bend. If installed on the proper side it will be very close to a small slot in the sheet metal on the opposite end from the hook and tab. Just pull on the spring to seat it into that slot. It will take some effort and there will probably also be a small bang when it seats.
:!: :!: :!: Caution: this procedure will scratch the paint. Proceed with caution!