Easy Motor Mount Alignment (w/pix)

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Re: Easy Motor Mount Alignment (w/pix)

Post by mraitch »

well, if we are going down that path, then using 'studs' (2) as temporary locators for all the fiddly bits that make up the fan assembly.
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Re: Easy Motor Mount Alignment (w/pix)

Post by S Allen »

Sure, I can add pictures.

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Re: Easy Motor Mount Alignment (w/pix)

Post by msampsel »

And why not one stud in the tranny where the slave cylinder mounts? I recall getting it aligned while laying on my back with bolts was not lots of fun.
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Re: Easy Motor Mount Alignment (w/pix)

Post by RustyBucket »

I would guess that the suggested Stud vs Bolt method could also be used during the realignment when mating the car body to the chassis ?

Since spending the last day or so unbolting, disconnecting and alt routing wiring, tomorrow is the big day to yank the body off and really have at it.

One issue before pulling the body off was the one man realignment task put things back together- but the may solve the fear - Thanks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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Re: Easy Motor Mount Alignment (w/pix)

Post by Linda »

I have studs on the fuel pump. Originally there were bolts, but they would hit the frame when trying to remove them. Imdonโ€™t know if they were the wrong ones or what, but it was a hassle. Studs can be unscrewed out if necessary.
ARP studs at the water tower to avoid bolts breaking.
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Re: Easy Motor Mount Alignment (w/pix)

Post by Datsfun »

Studs for the motor mounts is a great idea, I also tack weld nuts on the other (transmission) side of the motor mounts. Much easier to tighten bolts from under the car than starting nuts and holding a wrench in that awkward location on the left side. Wrap the rubber in wet rag to keep it cool when welding.
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