65 - 67 Rubber Shift Boot Possible Repro

A spot for any one considering making or selling reproduction parts-please put parts for sale in the vendors ad section

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65 - 67 Rubber Shift Boot Possible Repro

Post by Datsunparts.comInc » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:57 am

Here's a part we have been wanting to make that really needs a redo. I've had complaints about the rubber cracking prematurely for years. All the ones we have been selling I've kept sealed in Nissan bar coded bags. We only pull a few out of the sealed overstock to keep in the bin and keep the rest out of the air.
Clearly the ones we are selling are not older inventory from Nissan, still I get calls after 8 months to 2 years with evidence of splitting. I'm not making this up. Those of you may have had better luck with parts lasting longer so I'm not ragging on the Nissan parts with an ulterior motive. I have 300 of the Nissan boots and if I make this new part I'm going to garbage can them all. I have evidence and proof of returns in my sales history and I have been listening to the complaints and have to hear the bad news often.
Since Nissan does not make this part anymore I can not offer the year warranty as no replacements can be given for exchange to customers.
I have the funds to tool this part here in the US. Will not consider any overseas reproduction based on foreign materials. They also are not often willing to re-engineer a part, just copiers. So I see that as risky with the possibility of making a new part with the same problem.
I've found that US companies and engineers have redesigned parts that are problematic such as this with great success.
I will be flying out to one of them in the mid west with these samples and other rubber parts and getting a more detailed quote.
The initial quote based on a drawing is $8,000 for the tool amortized over the parts run. This part would be in the estimated $80.00 list range, would not be natural rubber and I would guarantee it for 8 years. At the current pricing we've seen and if the price were to stay the same and not go up in 8 years, that would mean $160.00 in Nissan boots spent by you the customer.
The two problems I see are the material and the thin seams where there is evidence of splitting. The newer processes available may allow us to get away from there being a seam in the bellows area and thicken up these areas where they split
If there is enough interest and response I'll do it. These boots that are splitting are like new when returned to us.
Your thoughts about design change are welcome.

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Re: 65 - 67 Rubber Shift Boot Possible Repro

Post by devo » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:51 pm

Both of the 2 that I've had split in the last 2 years, have split just like the picture in the lower left corner. I don't mind if the boot does not look strictly original, just as long as I don't have to replace it every year. The originals are thin where the bellows fold, so maybe thicken the rubber at those areas, or change the design slightly to eliminate the sharp folds altogether as well as using a thicker rubber design.

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Re: 65 - 67 Rubber Shift Boot Possible Repro

Post by Gregs672000 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:50 am

After a year, maybe two, my new one has split as well just as described. My trans leaks a bit of oil near the shifter and that seems to contribute to its demise. I would happily replace it with a longer lasting product. Thank you Dean for considering this. By the way, I installed the new window squeegees you're making and they are great and a considerable improvement over the past.
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Re: 65 - 67 Rubber Shift Boot Possible Repro

Post by AC77 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:11 pm

Will be keeping my car for years to come, so longer life and better quality sounds great to me!
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