H&R Classics U20 Oil Sump Baffle

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H&R Classics U20 Oil Sump Baffle

Post by S Allen »

Well, I just got the last piece for my 67 2 liter resto for my engine. I had the oil sump baffle but it had the usual cracks at the stress points where it bolts to the pan. Dave Premo explained there are a lot of stresses on this particular piece and the dissimilar metals only made it worse. Stan says you can get some washers brazed to reinforce the mount points. My cracks were quite long and washers would have only fixed part of the problem. I was looking for an aftermarket piece. I found a fellow in California whom was well known for fabricating parts for our roadsters. I emailed him thinking I would never hear back. Well, he responded right away so I thought my chances were good. A few emails later with no response I gave up. He is still active with the racing scene and I must have caught him at a lax moment the first time. I am sure he is busy. So back to my search as I really did not want to use that cracked sump baffle. I mean nothing like being anal over a part you will never see unless you pull the pan off again. I was determined to find something. Boy am I blind as the solution was right on the vendors page. Hardy of H&R Classic Restorations has made a re-manufactured U20 sump baffle. Do not let the price scare you as the US Dollar is doing really well right now against the Australian Dollar.

Hardy's description from his website "This U20 Aluminum Sump Baffle is re-manufactured. The original size and shape have been retained. The new sump baffle is constructed in Aluminum, and the single blades are held together with solid rivets. (The use of pop rivets is not recommended for this application)! The baffle is also a lot lighter than the original steel one, and the solid rivets will cope with the stresses a lot better."

I sent them an email to inquire about the price for shipping and availability. They responded right away. The piece arrived today and is a thing of beauty. Thought it best to take pictures before I bolted it in and put the pan on my motor. So, here it is.
And-here is a link to the page regarding his U20 oil sump baffle

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Re: H&R Classics U20 Oil Sump Baffle

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That is a work of art!
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Re: H&R Classics U20 Oil Sump Baffle

Post by rp975 »

It is a work of art, anything he makes is, you should see his car which he has just finished just incredible!

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Re: H&R Classics U20 Oil Sump Baffle

Post by SDkvrd »

Better-than-OEM...beautiful. Any added cost to add some hinged windage doors?
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