Mechanical Fuel Pump

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Re: Mechanical Fuel Pump

Post by Gregs672000 »

^ Wow, couldn't have said it better! Follow all that good advice! Fuel in the oil reduces the oils ability to protect the engine, so it must be changed now. Just buy the cheapest 10/40 until we figure out what's causing the problem in case it gets fouled again. I do believe the mechanical pump can leak into the block, but I'm not sure and need to confirm with others. The carbs may be set rich, or the ignition is not firing consistently... we still don't know. Usually when it's too rich it drops rpms, it chugs, and blackish smoke comes out the tail pipe before it dies. Read up on the carbs and how they work/adjust. The dial on the bottom controls idle mix (for one)... tightening it leans them. Confirm good spark. Keep asking questions and posting results... we'll get it!
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Re: Mechanical Fuel Pump

Post by jasmith1975 »

Thank you both so much for the additional detail (as well as the humor)! The latter was definitely needed after struggling with this issue for several weeks. I'm back in town and will provide an update after working through the steps this week. Thanks again for the help and stay tuned (pun intended)!