So, Why did you buy a Roadster?

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Re: So, Why did you buy a Roadster?

Post by Gregs672000 »

Every Roadster has a story because every one of us is unique! Good a reason as any to start a Roadster on a new Path! And you!
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Re: So, Why did you buy a Roadster?

Post by damarble »

I don't remember when I became aware of the Roadster's existence, but I've appreciated the styling for a long time.

Over the last 3-5 years or so I've really been itching for a car in this class. I kept coming back to the Datsun as the best looking, but I didn't want to pony up for a really nice one and didn't want to commit to a restoration.

I decided a Miata would scratch that itch, so I started my search for a NB, the best looking IMO. Took one for a test drive and it was fun, but I was crushed. Literally, because there wasn't enough leg room to get comfortable. I know there are seat mods to give extra room, but I was deflated.

Then I inquired about leg room in the 311 and was informed it's better than a Miata. Having some room behind the seat tends to help with that. So the search was on, and I eventually arrived at yesterday where bought a 68 that has been stored for many years and needs some love.

All said and done it's sure to cost me more, but I'll be more comfortable and have my favorite styling.
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Re: So, Why did you buy a Roadster?

Post by Labubre »

Because too many MG's and Triumph out there.
Because i live in sunny south of France.
Because i already have a S30!
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Re: So, Why did you buy a Roadster?

Post by riceturbo »

This is from my story when I first joined the group so here goes and I'll update at the end of this bit.
"I've been driving my Roadster since 1997 but only actually owned it since 2006, puzzled looks all round I'm guessing but a simple explanation. Early in 1997 and out of work I was asked by a friend if I could do something with their old Fairlady which he had bought to keep the mechanics busy in his first purpose built Nissan dealership and he didn't know how long it would take for the business to take off. Unfortunately, for them but very fortunate for me the business took off immediately and the workshop staff never had a spare minute. A lot of work had been done to make her look nice but hadn't actually been used for years but always dry stored.

It didn't take long to get the engine running and then the first problem arose when the baffles in the silencer all collapsed and so a trip to another friend who just happened to own a specialist exhaust business. The exhaust system has now grown form standard to full stainless system to a mild steel manifold as stainless retains too much heat and wrapping doesn't look very nice besides being limited on space. The manifold looks like an original but the centre branch has a web about 6 inches long down the middle to keep things flowing nice and smooth. With the K&N filter factory literally on my doorstep and some good contacts there an air filter was made by the guys in the special filter department, they make all the formula 1 filters except for Ferrari because they wanted a Ferrari donkey stencilled on and K&N said one of their filters only has their logo, whether this is true today I don't know! Anyway, I ended up with a bespoke filter that is still on the car and of course working perfectly. it was decided to put a 2 litre clutch in so I took the engine out and the mounts just fell to bits not really a problem but we were 3 days from our first major event, the London to Brighton Classic car run. One of my friends pointed me in the direction of a local company who specialised in all sorts of thing with rubber from special mountings, anti vibration mats and reinforced hoses. After presenting them with the steel plates and perished rubber which they turned into perfect mounts overnight for the princely sum of 5 GBP or about $10, quality work at an unbelievable price.

Since then it's been pretty much plain sailing till in 2006 with all bills for parts, entry fees, hotels etc. being paid for it was time to re-enter the real world when my friend decided that with his business now booming the usefulness of the car and the costs involved it had to be sold. After such a long relationship with the car and for virtually all that time being the only driver and the fact it lived at my home and only returned to base when I needed to use of their workshop this car was going nowhere. I had finally found a job so my credit was again good and managed to raise the money to buy her and the deal was done at the right "mates rates" price.

Although all the synchromesh disappeared virtually as soon as we got the car mobile again there is never anything on the magnetic drain plug when I change the oil so apart from the mess that was on it after an early change so I guess there's nothing floating around the box. The car had done 42k miles when I took charge and has now just passed 90k and running perfectly on a diy electronic ignition kit from our local electronics shop that had them on sale for $10. Next mod is going to be new carbs, and I really do mean "new" as I've acquired a pair of brand new Solex/Mikuni 40 PHH's that have never seen petrol yet. A selection of jets (and advice) from Todd at Wolf Creek racing, a JAM engineering manifold and a lot of head scratching and in the next couple of weeks she will be strutting her stuff even better.

Not a perfect car by any means except where it matters, I don't even wash it as the unique aerodynamics handle all that because I don't believe in fine weather only motoring so the only wash it gets is always with rain water. As I'm supposed to be at an age where I should know better I don't but sometimes my body keeps telling me that I won't go on for ever driving a 50 year old Datsun 2 seater and so the car is now in trust for the 12 year old son of a close friend who is now serving a "proper" apprenticeship in my garage in the art of looking after a "proper" car and as soon as he's old enough and can get himself insured the ownership of the car goes to him providing he comes up to the exacting standard of me and his dad. We're having a party for her 50th birthday in July and I expect that when I'm long gone my young friend will be having one for her 100th, and why not I say."

Update:- Mileage now just a few miles from 100K Mikuni's still working but still got the feeling I'm not quite there yet and when all this Covid business is put to bed my intention is to have an old hand with a rolling road to hopefully finish the job finally. It's the usual story of someone on the doorstep whose workshop I've passed countless times and only 15 miles from my front door. Some of the group's members may know him from way back, it's Skip Brown who used to prepare cars for the Sunbeam Talbot rally team and still dabbles with proper cars. I have a decent selection of jets and should he need anything different hopefully I can get what's required from Eurocarb here in UK otherwise it will be yet nearly but not quite until I get what's needed but that's not a new experience for me lol. A water pump leak that turned out to be something entirely different, it was one of the bolt holes that had started a leak caused by its hole being drilled slightly too deep back in the sixties when the engine was originally made! But now I have a fully refurbed pump done yet again by a local company that only does water pumps, you can't beat experience. Apart from my carb fire documented in another post not much has happened of any note except we took her to Holland for a "day trip" where we spent more time at sea than in Holland, but nonetheless very enjoyable meeting up with some of our European friends for their group's annual meet, of course she was the oldest there and wore her patina with pride of course. The story continues and long may it do so.
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Re: So, Why did you buy a Roadster?

Post by S Allen »

Interesting read and thanks for sharing.

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Re: So, Why did you buy a Roadster?

Post by notoptoy »

Nice to have an update and see how long this Roadster has been holding you up! :-)
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Re: So, Why did you buy a Roadster?

Post by BBF Roadster »

I just bought my second Daihatsu (Roadster), I think it is a more solid car than my 66.
My first car is a 66 1600 that I bought for $400 at my sons begging, very rough and needed everything.
Now I have #2, a 67.5 1600 for $500, complete car but the engine is apart and the body is an unknown quality.
Covered in skim coat and flaking off, but the bottom looks good so I just couldn't pass it up.
Once I get it home in a couple weeks I will post an update and more Pics.
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Re: So, Why did you buy a Roadster?

Post by Bwk2000 »

Back when I was a young teenager, and recently got my licence, the first car I purchased was an orange ‘71 510 - 4 door automatic to boot. It only lasted about a year before it, well, self destructed really. Then, the following spring, I came across a ‘68 SPL311 R16, and since I already had a taste for old Datsuns and was now quite familiar with keeping the drivetrain going and other nuances of datsuns, I bought it. It was in really good condition! Except for the body, suspension, engine, electrics, tires, top and interior … transmission and diff were bullet proof thought :wink:
Since I had no money left over, I kept it going for about three years with duct tape, several spools of wire, enough spray paint and bondo to add about 20 lbs to the weight, 2 pounds or so of gasket sealant/glue and all the karma I’ve racked up in previous lifetimes - It was great - I loved driving that car! 40 years on, I had a chance to relive my youth, so to speak. This one is in a bit better shape, but little else has changed about how I feel about it - I still love driving this car!
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