Had to Cut Rear Wheel Bearings

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Had to Cut Rear Wheel Bearings

Post by Steve_69 »

This past weekend, I set out to get my rear wheel bearings pressed off of the axles. I went by several shops and no one wanted to take on the challenge. I went by a friend's house that had a press, but no fixtures that would work out. So, reluctantly, I had to cut off the collars, the outer race, the inner race VERY CARFULLY so as to not damage the bearing surfaces. I cut down close to the surface and then used a chisel to break them. The good news is I was successful. The bad news is I had to make another order from Dean for the collars and the grease catchers. Oh well, progress is being had! :D I had not considered the difficulty in pressing these off, but now I can clean and paint the brake backing plates. :)
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Re: Had to Cut Rear Wheel Bearings

Post by bakerjf »

You actually did it the preferred way. Pressing them off is a no-no.
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