Fairlady rookie question

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Re: Fairlady rookie question

Post by redroadster »

A go nogo type feeler guage sure makes it easier, to check to get them set correctly.
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Re: Fairlady rookie question

Post by Fairlady5150 »

S Allen, greydog - Thanks for the clarification. I found all of the rocker studs and valve cover studs to be in good condition when I replaced the rocker shaft assembly, so I've ruled those out. Sorry for the confusion on the belt :-) I'll try loosening that and see if the noise changes. Regarding the air pump and fittings, this is an early 1600 engine. Would it have had the smog control junk on it? When were the smog systems added?
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Re: Fairlady rookie question

Post by notoptoy »

Smog stuff added starting with 68 models. A picture of the intake side of the engine will clarify things quickly.
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Re: Fairlady rookie question

Post by Mackn367 »

Yup they clarified that stud for me. Well that’s great you don’t have to worry about those!

Could you perhaps take a quick video of the noise and it’s location? Maybe one on here might get a better idea once they hear it.
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