1964 And 1966 Roadster

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1964 And 1966 Roadster

Post by Dusty »

I just picked up two Datsun barn finds for retirement restoration projects. A 1964 and a 1966 roadster. How hard will it to be finding parts. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: 1964 And 1966 Roadster

Post by notoptoy »

Check out our Vendor links in the Board Index. Parts are easy, it's the cash to pay for them that's the most difficult to find! :lol:
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Re: 1964 And 1966 Roadster

Post by Fetch »

Dusty, It would be great to see pictures of your '64. I am currently rebuilding (not restoring) a '64. Getting complete replacement part is getting harder to find or NLA but, getting a rebuild kit for, say the brake master and wheel cylinders, they are still available. Replacement carbs are expensive, rebuild kit is less expensive and available.
As notoptoy stated, check the vendors.
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Re: 1964 And 1966 Roadster

Post by datsun1500 »

66 parts are much easier than 64, especially if you want the correct parts. Not much stuff swaps over to the 1500s from the later cars.
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Re: 1964 And 1966 Roadster

Post by spriso »

Let me know what you are after for 64 Parts-- I parted out a few 1500 roadsters a few years ago and still have a few bits left over.

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Re: 1964 And 1966 Roadster

Post by FlorentinoB »

Shouldn't be too hard to find parts for those, right? Or maybe I'm just fortunate with plenty of enthusiasts in my area. You're going to have a ton of fun with those two, Dusty.
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