Portable two post lift?

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Re: Portable two post lift?

Post by pebbles »

A friend of mine has a couple of 2 post lifts he uses for storage.
Most lifts rated over 6000 lbs recommend/ require min 5" thick concrete.
Resting a Datsun on the stops for long periods should not be a problem, crewcab dually? Maybe.

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Re: Portable two post lift?

Post by C.Costine »

Can't tell you about a two post lift but I can tell you don't try to run your diesel pick-up up on the ramps that you bought for your roadster.
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Re: Portable two post lift?

Post by redroadster »

you can leave it indefinite for a compact . I have a top cross bar I made for mine I would recommend one dripping on the lower a problem
I have on my Auto lifters asemetrical lift ( good lift but most of the companies go out of business )

those bolts are rated at 25 tons each to break ,and you have 6 on each post , the concrete is the thing to worry about
2 post the way to go IMO it's so hard to work under a 4 post

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Re: Portable two post lift?

Post by dynaguy »

I have a Weaver 9000# 2-post lift and am very happy with it. When building my shop, I had the concrete in the area of the posts poured to 10-12" thick. I have left my car on the stops for weeks at a time without issue. Pat

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Re: Portable two post lift?

Post by Jujuman »

Gary Shiff / Dannmar <gshiff@dannmar.com>
10:24 AM (4 hours ago)
to me, MaxJax

Do you have a phone number that I can reach you at so I can over your questions and concerns?
It's not recommended to use a 2 post lift as a storage lift. There designed to lift the vehicle, do the necessary work and the lower the lift back down.

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Miguel Sanchez / Dannmar <MSanchez@dannmar.com>
1:27 PM (1 hour ago)
To Julie, me, Gary

this lift is not designed as a parking lift.
With that being said, if all the anchors are installed correctly and both carriages are resting on the 2 safety rods the vehicle will stay up.
There is no time limit.

If you have any questions please reply or give me a call at the number below.

Thank you.


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Re: Portable two post lift?

Post by Skyman »

Well, he is correct. The lift is not designed as a storage lift. I've left my roadster on my lift for well over 40 days. The great thing about the Max Jax is I can move it. Right now I have the lift removed and stored as I have a ton of crap stored in my garage for winter. 20 minutes and I can have it reinstalled. I only have 10' ceilings in my garage, so a standard lift would not be conducive.
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Re: Portable two post lift?

Post by ppeters914 »

My brother-in-law has this:


Works pretty good, and doesn't take a ton of space to store.
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Re: Portable two post lift?

Post by redroadster »

How would it pull out bolts ?
The car weight pushes down ,if its a asemectrical style -minor tension ,but if loaded correctly no prob. With out a top brace there may be some wiggling of the rack post in use
Sitting on the locks it is like a high horse jack stand

my Auto Lifters 7000lb lift is 8' tall it was $2100 in 96