paint - dont have a clue about that either - well a little

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paint - dont have a clue about that either - well a little

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im getting closer to being on the road so i have been thinking more about
painting the car. specifically how to prep the body. i have sections where
the paint has flaked off exposing the metal underneath. car seems to have
two or three coats on it. anyway, i was thinking about have the car plastic
media blasted to the metal on the body and then going from there. any
thoughts? anyone done this with the body still on the frame?


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RE:Paint and Body

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I had my 67.5 dipped and stripped and will never do that again. That stuff removes every thing-including the sealer between body panels. Even though it was primed with self etching primer right away-I still get rust bleeding in some spots. Next time I will have the body media blasted as you are thinking about. It should not be a problem with the body on the frame. Be prepared to discover things about the body you are not expecting though. My whole left rear quarter had been replaced at one time or another. I recommend using Eastwoods Meta-Fill body filler instead of Bondo. It is great stuff and works similar to Bondo but sticks better and is waterproof. Are you doing the body work yourself or having it done? Have fun.

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stripping the car...

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Media blasting is the way to go. I stripped my car the really slow way, with a grinder and 50 grit sandpaper. Let me tell you that took for ever. When you have the car painted, make sure it's first coat of primer is an etching primer, then use filler primer. I have a few rust bleed-through spots, but that was due to my rushing the job and not spraying the seams in the front of the front fenders. Another thing, don't use inexpensive paint, if you do, you will be looking for another paint job in a few years.