Fantastic Idler box components

A spot for any one considering making or selling reproduction parts-please put parts for sale in the vendors ad section

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Fantastic Idler box components

Post by Datsunparts.comInc » Sat Sep 08, 2018 12:54 pm

Mark Degroff, our machinist on these parts for the past 24 years, is slowly heading toward retirement and will be discontinuing the remanufcatured units at some point in the near future. No rush as we have 4 dozen in stock. Here are the kits listed for those who have the skill or know someone with the skill to rebuild their own.
Hundreds sold. Great, proven, beautiful, Rare Parts tested "THE 311 favorite", parts. No CAG steering stuff here and the best thing is just how complete and varied these kits are. No forcing you to buy one item. I've made it easy to choose or maybe not so easy as there is almost too much to choose from as usual. Our newest addition intro pricing
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