Reproduction Rubber & Weather-strip parts - Lifetime Warranty

A spot for any one considering making or selling reproduction parts-please put parts for sale in the vendors ad section

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Reproduction Rubber & Weather-strip parts - Lifetime Warranty

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Lifetime warranty on any reproduction rubber & weather-strip parts made for us until further notice. Does not include weather-strip pieces made by other vendors that we purchase for resale or Nissan parts. Warranty on those items are 1 year and then you are on your own. These aren't just words as the new co-owners will be around for decades long after I'm dead and gone.
Just keep your original receipt and if you have any problems we may or may not ask for the item back and then add a new replacement onto your next order. We expect that you won't have any problems as our rubber parts are US made and tooled! Now get a warranty that actually out lives the original owner! Great pricing buy wisely.

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