Lightweight U20 exhaust Valves - Race or Street!

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Lightweight U20 exhaust Valves - Race or Street!

Post by JT68 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:21 pm

Lightweight U20 Exhaust valves in Stainless of course!

20% lighter than standard valves....(That is quite a bit of expert, expensive lathe work)

Lighter valves mean higher revs and less Valvetrain wear/ less likelihood of valve float or spring failure.

Amazing intro price at 38 ea. High priced shops would charge you 100 each at least.

CNC'd in in USA.--no better u20 valve available anywhere- none.

Theses are for standard 11/32 guides and stock retainers. (Compatible with all factory hardware)

Light Intakes in production too! Available very soon!
The very finest parts for your 311!