Polyaspartic garage floor coating

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Polyaspartic garage floor coating

Post by Pjackb »

As mentioned on the epoxy floor thread I was having my floor done in Polyaspartic so Here’s a few pictures of my floor done Friday
They came in at 9am and were done by 12:30pm including a 45 minutes break for lunch , the following morning I could walk on the floor no problem, I had snow on my boots and was not slippery at all . I’m extremely happy with the results

The only warning I would have if your doing this in a attached garage is be warned of the very strong smell of the solvents when drying

Concrete is new having been poured about 45days ago
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Re: Polyaspartic garage floor coating

Post by notoptoy »

That looks great!
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Re: Polyaspartic garage floor coating

Post by Toptech360 »

That looks amazing. I really want to do something to my garage floor, I need to look into this as an option. Thanks for posting the pics!
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