HF 40Lb pressure pot blaster wet blasting mod, Simple!

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HF 40Lb pressure pot blaster wet blasting mod, Simple!

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I made a simple modification to my HF 40Lb pressure pot media blaster to use it as a wet blaster. All I did was add a ball valve inline to the pressure feed to the pressure pot. This allows me to choke off the flow of pressure to the pot to where there is just enough pressure to keep from creating a vacuum from the siphon tee.

Fill the pot half full with #30 sand, and fill the rest of the way with water. Open up the siphon feed air valve all the way, crack open the new pressure pot air vallve, and open the media feed valve about 1/4 to half way (this is the difficult adjustment) so that there is plenty of media coming out and that it is also at a sufficient velocity to actually do some work.

Here is a picture of the modification, the brass ball valve is the new part.Image

It is so Nice to cut down on the majority of the dust, and also minimize the risk of warping my sheet metal.
Now I just need to find a good corrosion inhibitor I can use in the pressure pot to stop the shee tmetal from flash rusting.

EDIT: I run it at 120PSI, and I don't get any clogs as long as I am blasting continuously. I can stop for a min or two, but any longer and the sand compacts in the hose. I run out of water long before I run out of sand, and the sand does not feed once the water is out (duh).
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Re: HF 40Lb pressure pot blaster wet blasting mod, Simple!

Post by Mattk »

Very cool!