Dash Plaques

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Dash Plaques

Post by dbrick »

All those little business card size dash plaques from car shows etc. look good, but do you really want to stick them on your painted dash? I use the flexible refrigerator magnets you get from Rock auto, the phone book etc. Cut to size, stick the plaque to the magnet then it can go on and off the dash whenever. also nice on the garage refrigerator.
You can also buy it in larger sheets, so if thereis a sticker, like my Luche Libre Racing oval, that you want to have on the car, but not permanent, it's the same procedure.

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Re: Dash Plaques

Post by bikermike »

I do the same thing, but put the plaques on the inside of the trunk lid.
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Re: Dash Plaques

Post by spl310 »

My 67 has a dash plaque from the 1968 Great Smokey Mountain Rally - it is an SCCA rally dash plaque. Quite awesome to have! But I agree. The newer ones are not as nice to me - this one is relief brass where as the new ones are painted and look kitchy by comparison.
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