Late model top latch sets from Sin City Datsuns

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Late model top latch sets from Sin City Datsuns

Post by jhayden »

Happy to provide a review of these stainless latch sets which were delivered this morning:

No disappointments appearance-wise. In addition to the highly polished stainless finish, the latches are cleaner in design than oem and have no exposed rivets at the bottom sides.

Sure, the oem pieces can be given a new finish with lots of work, but that does bugger all to cure the wear and bending of the posts on the sides of the receivers, which keeps the top from latching securely and contributes to sudden unlatching at highway speed (sound familiar?).

Very high quality at a very reasonable price. No sure bets in Vegas? Well, here’s one.

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Re: Late model top latch sets from Sin City Datsuns

Post by raylim »

I definitely agree with Jon on this one. Got mine today and I will be going to the hardware store later tonight to pick up some stainless steel screws to match these highly polished latches.
Great Job Brian!
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Re: Late model top latch sets from Sin City Datsuns

Post by Vinnyz »

I received mine last week and they are great!! Thanks Sin City!! The 69' SRL will look much improved with these. I'll have to order another set for my 70'!
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