Annoyed at the solenoid?

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Annoyed at the solenoid?

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My starter started acting up the other day. It sounds like it doesnt' want to stay engaged, kicks out and grinds pretty bad. This evening it wouldn't turn it over. Does that sound like I need a new solenoid? Is it any easy fix? I haven't even looked under the hood yet. Is there a chance I will find one at the local parts store or am I dreaming? Should I buy the starter and solenoid on ebay for 20 bucks? Thanks for your help. Mark

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RE:Starter Solenoid

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To check the starter in the car look closely at the end of the solenoid where the wires connect. You will notice another heavy wire that goes into the starter motor. Very carefully connect a volt meter to this connection that goes into the starter motor. Your meter should read zero volts. Now, have someone turn the ignition key to start and you should hear a "Click". If the voltage goes up to at least 11 volts, the problem is with the starter motor. This could be worn brushes, or a bad winding. Rebuilding is the only repair. If the voltage stays at or near zero, the problem is with the solenoid. You should be able to disconnect the battery and remove the solenoid with the starter still in the car. I would unhook the ground from the battery before doing this though.

You may be able to buy a solenoid from one of the vendors. I would find a local shop that rebuilds starters and get it rebuilt. You could also buy the one on Ebay and have it rebuilt as a spare. I prefer the shorter 2 liter starters over the longer 1600 starters. You will find it difficult to remove as well. There is a triangular piece in the back of the wheel well right by the starter. I remove this by drilling out the spot welds as it is much easier to replace starters with this piece out of the way. You can bolt it back on or leave it off completely. Your choice.